Cordinarzo’17 : Mody University, Rajasthan

Mody University

CORDINAZO is the culture cum technical festival of college of engineering and technology, Mody University, Sikar, Rajasthan.

A utopia for budding engineers and students by providing a platform to interact and exchange their ideas with each other from different professional studies. This year it will have a plethora of events and recreation including campus princess, beat the battle, dancing wars, fashion shows, nukkad natak ,interactive lectures by influential personalities to make young minds sway in the flow of new ideas. Truly justifying its motto  “A Canvas to Your Imagination” a platform to your creativity.



The Event is a painting competition where WITH YOUR ART we can come together and share an experience even if you see the world in radically different ways. Artists can aim to break all rules and find unorthodox ways of approaching contemporary issues; sketch that out so that we can engage with a good work of art and can connect to our senses, body, and mind. It can make the world felt. And this felt feeling may spur thinking, engagement, and even action.


The event can have a charcoal work, a painting or just a sketch. You will be provided with an quote (English lines) or a shayari (Hindi lines), where picking up English or Hindi linesWould completely be your choice. Then you will be converting the given phrases into your art work. We aim to see your power of imagination and what you can do with that talent.



Scrapheap Challenge is an engineering game. This is the event you have been waiting for. If you are an hardcore engineer then just pull your socks up ,show your spontaneity by establishing a working model on available junk within the restricted time.


Embedded world is all we want. Lets step forward towards it and put up our engineering skills with innovation. Contestants need to design a miniaturized home automation system. They need to create a two way communication between the centralized unit and the user interface using Wi-F. Finally the display should show the Current Time, state of the devices and the last action taken by the user.


We all have a warrior attitude in us. So, here is a platform to outcase the warrior trait of all the technoheads. Design an autonomous vehicle capable of navigating efficiently through guided black lines on a white floor. The vehicle must be able to effectively follow the guided black path.


For all the amateur and as well as experienced photographer, can showcase their talent through the competition “Snap Quest”. There will be two rounds under it. In first round all pictures will be selected and uploaded on the Facebook ( Top 10 pictures with the maximum likes will get selected for the next round. Pictures can be based on any theme. The size of the picture should not exceed more than 10MB.In second round: The qualified participants will be given many themes, they have to select one and send picture on that. The best photograph would be selected. . Cash prize will be rewarded to the winner, worth 3000 INR.

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