COVID-19 in Jawahar Nagar: 13 Year Old Tested Positive!

Jaipur’s cases of COVID-19 are soaring as the days are passing. Despite regular alarms to disinfect the surroundings, we still are lagging way behind. By each passing day, there is a hike in the existing cases of coronavirus. Especially to all those residing in a privileged house, you have yourselves to blame. Not the government, not the society, just you, yourself. If you can afford to stay in a partially air-conditioned house, have easy access to delicious dishes, and serve it on your social walls. Then you can serve yourself well for a stretch of months without barely stepping out. We have not recovered yet, we are recovering and sometimes the brightest light comes after the darkest hour.

13 Year Old Girl Tested Positive For Corona

Jawahar Nagar Sector 7, Jaipur

Yesterday, a 13-year-old girl from Jawahar Nagar Sector 7 tested positive for coronavirus. The house and the area near her house are under surveillance. Before it was confirmed she had to undergo the test three times and in the fourth time it came out to be positive. Currently, she is undergoing treatment in the SMS Hospital while her family members are quarantining in the house. The police are out to provide the necessary items and to make sure no family member leaves the house.

As of now, the source of the virus is still vague but it definitely highlights the lack of sanitization. 

To all the readers please take the lesson, understand the need to sanitize again and again.

Must Take Precautions 

  • Wash your hands, do it again. 
  • Avoid touching your face.
  • Try to do cashless payments, yes the notes can carry the virus.
  • If the payment is done in cash then always sanitize the notes.
  • Don’t forget to disinfect the door handles, car gates, gears, once in and out. 
  • Avoid leaving the house if you have no work, use the technology if you wish to chill. 
  • Make a habit of drinking turmeric milk before sleeping. 
  • Keep your nose inside the mask. 

As a part of a society that needs to go a long way in order to recover and bounce back to NORMAL, we need to understand that leaving the house for no-work is a crime. Utilize the technology to the fullest, make those video calls, go on virtual dates, but please take that walk later. As long as it’s not crystal clear to each and every one of us that leaving the house for no genuine reason is NOT a need then the cases are bound to soar.