Covid-19 Panic: How To Check The Fake News & Facts?

Check the fake news before panicking: The outbreak of outrageous Coronavirus has stirred shivers and panics all around the globe. It’s threat has locked mankind and extended the lockdown situation amongst the whole country and not just Jaipur. In the current scenario, anxiety is the most prevalent emotion amongst the majority. The residents are afraid of the virus and of its harming potential. However some amount or fear in the situation ensures that people definitely will take the shared precautions to safeguard themselves from this pandemic, but the unnecessary panic has caused major problems. The incessant presence of social media and the unlimited access to it is a major factor for the chaos in the city.

Some of the residents tend to viral and forward controversial news and information, pouring panic and confusion on others.

Post realizing the severity of the situation, it’s time we aware the people to overlook the fake news. Trust the reliable sources of information and don’t panic after reading from just one source. 

Check Whether The News Is Fake Or Not

Here are some few things you can follow inorder to cross-check whether the information you received is trustworthy or not. 

  • Read the news from reliable sources of information.
  • Don’t rely on WhatsApp forwards or other social media forwards. 
  • Cross-check the information you received is the same on other sources or not.
  • Don’t forward any news without confirming it’s authenticity. 
  • Be conscious of the change in facts and dates. 
  • Don’t just believe in any picture and follow it completely. 
  • Once you receive the news from a trusted source, still verify it from other trusted sources. 
  • Don’t panic without confirming it. 

Follow the above mentioned and cross-check the news and facts before giving stirring panic amongst your dearies. Be patient, be positive and keep on paying gratitude to the noble souls for their continuous work for our safety and better health. 

Stay home, stay safe.