COVID-19: Special Public Awareness Campaign Organized By District Collector!

Jaipur District Administration is highly cautious about the ongoing crises and aims to root out the virus. But the government is well aware of the fact that in order to accomplish a successful root out, every person needs to be vigilant and have the same mindset. As a united approach works best and in terms of these crises, a sense of unity is a necessity rather than an approach.

For this important reason, the Special Public awareness Campaign is being organized from 21st-30th June as per the initiative of the Chief Minister to protect and apprise the state about Coronavirus. 

On Saturday, The campaign commenced when the Divisional Commissioner Mr. KC Verma flagged off the promotional vehicle of Scouts and Guides volunteers in the District Collectorate.

In one of the media conversations, Shri Verma revealed that about 25 volunteers of the Scouts and Guides organization will give information to the people at 21 major places across the city. 

At the major crossroads, passengers will educate how this pandemic can be eschewed if taken the precautions seriously. He also said that the basic mantra of protection from Corona is that the necessary measure should be taken to protect themselves.

The danger of Corona can not be fully averted, but avoidance is possible only through awareness and vigilance. He further added that the awareness about Corona will be broadcasted in the promotional vehicle, pamphlets, and posters will also be distributed. 

The person in charge of SMS Skill Lab, Mr. Rajkumar Rajpal informed the Scout volunteers about the measures to be taken for Corona.

Additionally, District Collector North Mr. Birbal Singh, Sub Divisional Officer Mr. Yugantar Sharma, Assistant State Organization Commissioner, Scouts, Mr. Ramjas Lithala, Mr. Brij Sundar Meena were also present for this. 

This Special Public Awareness Campaign was not only restricted to the roads but it also went inside the premises of various schools of Jaipur, both private and government. They even went to hotels too. On Saturday, the team visited St. Edmunds school Jawahar Nagar and apprised the management and staff members about the Special Public Awareness Campaign in Jaipur.

Special Public Awareness Campaign in St. Edmunds School Jawahar Nagar, Jaipur

Here are a few points they elaborated about: 

  • Have different entry and exit gates
  • Regarding transportation 
  • Social distancing in classrooms must be followed
  • Have a medical room in the school 
  • Everyday thermal checking must be done
  • Staff must have the Arogya setup app installed