COVID-19: UDH Minister Shanti Dhariwal Denies Community Spread!

UDH Minister Shanti Dhariwal expresses his agitation over the increasing number of complaints by the patients admitted to hospitals about the mismanagement. He asked the district medical officers to submit a status report of facilities provided to positive patients.

He even directed the secretary in-charge of the district and health department officials to visit the hospitals regularly to get information about the essential facilities provided to the patients of COVID-19. The UDH Minister ordered that all facilities including patients’ meals, coolers, periodic care by senior physicians must be ensured. 

As COVID special awareness camp was launched in the State on Monday, so during a press conference Dhariwal said, we have tried our best to control the community transmission of the virus in the district and we have got success to a large extent. It is hard to claim that there is community transmission in the district. But the city of Jaipur has a population of around 40 lakh people, positive cases are bound to occur. This is not community transmission. 

Source: Times of India

He further added that there are more than 400 containment zones in the city. It’s a long battle and in hundreds of years the country hasn’t witnessed a pandemic of such proportions. The state of Rajasthan has set an example for the whole country to follow during the crisis. However, some shortcomings are always there. But we are fixing them too.

We will also ensure that people don’t face any difficulties in future. If people aren’t getting beds in government hospitals and the private ones are expensive then they can also get treatment at home. Stay in quarantine and get well inside their respective houses only. 

Source: Times of India