Despite Increase in Cases of COVID-19: Raja Park Market is Open

Opening the can of guilt onto others, many people have started leaving the house for mere apparent reason. The streets are again filled with vehicles, bicycles, and two legged beings just like it used to be before the era of COVID-19. 

Raja Park in times of COVID-19

9-5 jobs have resumed and are pacing with their respective scales. Markets are open, people can avail the ‘optional’ commodities by standing in long queues adhering (depends on individual to individual) to the social norms.

Some do wear the mask, some have the mask but are not wearing it, some are wearing it but not in the appropriate manner and some even have the audacity to stand without a mask and claim ‘are kuch nhi hota meko’ (nothing will happen to me).

They claim with such confidence, that the innocent individual who adheres to the norms of social distancing and is determined to stay inside feels the guilt. The ‘guilt’ here is a psychological pressure that is poured onto many. Those determined to stay inside feel the heaviness of following the respective orders of the authorities and for giving priority to their health. But ultimately satisfying the need of the hour i.e to stay inside and not add to the already piled up burden of respective workers. These live in fear and pressure, as the authorities have loosened the strings of lockdown no one can order the people to stay inside.

It seems like for these wanderers, the news of Coronavirus is a fictional series that telecasts a new episode every fresh day. The reality is far far worse and the video clips, articles and other genuine sources that paint the exact picture are taken from granted.

The curve is still not fattening, let’s understand the need to ‘stay home’ and only leave for crucial purposes.  Meanwhile let’s not forget to pay gratitude to all the noble souls working day and night for us. 

Let’s stay inside and spread positivity, while we contain the spread of fear and guilt.