Mystery – Digamber Jain Temple Sanganer Jaipur

 Sanganer, the tehsil! Almost every person in Jaipur have heard about it. Many people live there, many visit this place everyday. Sanganer is about 17 kms south of the main Jaipur city. It is famous for Handmade paper industry, Textile painting and Jain Temples.

Do you know there’s a mystery in Digamber Jain Temple which is located in Sanganer Jaipur? 90% percent of Jaipurites have no clue about it.

There are two Jain temples in Sanganer. One is old Temple and other one is newly made which is not open for visitors. The old Digamber Jain Temple Sanganer Jaipur has seven sacred underground floors that are not open for visitors because of old religious believes. Only saints can visit and have a look in a fixed time interval. This temple is 4000 years old.

It was decided previously that only saints can visit the closed floors and bring source of knowledge or any idol that they discover. The ancient Shri Digamber Jain temple has fine carvings that can be compared to Dilwara Temple of Mount Abu. In the midst of underground portion there is an ancient small temple guarded by the nature-spirits. The temple is made up of red stone.

digamber jain temple sanganer jaipur

The temple came in light when Muni Shri 108 Sudhasagar Ji Maharaj, a disciple of Acharya Shri 108 Vidhyasagar Ji Maharaj visited the sacred floors. He bought valuable Idol made up of precious stones which were never seen before from the underground floors in presence of over five lac Jain disciples.

He claimed that he encountered many nature-spirits in form of snakes who were present there to protect the treasure and visitors cannot enter into the sacred underground floors without seeking permission from the protector gods. The process of bringing Idol and keeping back was telecasted live on various Media channels and widely covered by National media.

Beside talking about this temple, Sanganer has an India Gate that is also a sign that shows Sanganer has past values like our great forts of Jaipur.

The Aim Behind This Article is to make Jaipurites aware about History and Mystery.

Digamber Jain Temple Sanganer Jaipur

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