Diwali In Jaipur: 5 Nostalgic Things We Missed

Diwali in Jaipur is all about the festival of lights, meeting your loved ones and creating the brightest memories of the year. The festive spirit is not only reserved for the main day, as we can witness Jaipurites high on festive glee. Anywhere you look around, you’ll spot people garnishing their living spaces to welcome Goddess Laxmi. You’ll also meet excited shopaholics buying all the authentic Diwali related products, charged up vendors wanting to seek their merch, various exhibitions, bazaars and so much more. But with the presence of corona and with the introduction of the new normal a lot of things changed. Every year we used to look forward to certain things but most of these have taken a back seat for every alternate person. Thus, we have made a lot of things we missed this Diwali for the sake of nostalgia. Read all about it and see if you missed them too? 

1 Shopping For Exquisite Home Decor At All The Bazaars of Walled City 

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The festival of Diwali calls for revamping your living areas with glittering lights, vibrant colors, colorful decor, antiques, curtains and so many new things. And what better place to shop for stuff to revamp your abode than the Bapu Bazaar, Nehru Bazaar, Johari Bazaar? Yes the Bazaars were open but you know the presence of corona dimmed their shine.

2 Visiting Relatives To Personally Drop Diwali Gifts

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One of the highly cherished moments of this festival is exchanging gifts. We’re definitely sure you’ve done it this year too with a bit of amendments through online deliveries or by sending the gift cards. The whole feeling where one would drop by their friends’ and relatives’ place, sit and give life updates was all missing. And it’s the moment like these that make us realise that life has dramatically changed from how we found it.

3 Taking A Stroll Through The Gorgeously Decked Bazaars

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Remember last year how you used to hit the walled city during this festive season just to experience the oozing glitter and spark across the streets? Yes some of you might have visited these Bazaars. But a lot of us skipped their visits to these local markets and didn’t enjoy the decked up streets of these bazaars. Good thing that most of us avoided these markets unless something really important showed up. However, skipping the market is one thing and cannot visit the market is another. We are sad that even though the option existed still most of us couldn’t as the fear of the virus trapped us inside.

4 Picking Up Diyas From Raja Park Market Without Any Tension

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Diwali in Jaipur is hardly complete without some Diya shopping from the ever crowded streets of Raja Park. We missed taking a stroll at these streets and finding the one special Diya for our brothers! And also the carefree shopping, without having to sanitize every second you touch something new. This year the festive spirit hardly shined and we were only limited to window shopping.

5 Attending Cards Parties With The Gang Without Any Fear Of The Virus

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Once you enter adulthood, everyone wants you to attend at least one card party during this festive time. For those who are familiar with this annual get-together, will relate to this sentiment. Brimming with booze, laughter, delish food and cherishable memories– card parties during Diwali makes a whole bundle of memories to relish at the same time. But with the covid in the air, the vibe was low and dim. With the urge to maintain social distancing, the festival felt partly complete. 

We’re holding onto our tears as we share this nostalgic list of things to do on Diwali in Jaipur with a hope that better days are coming.