Diwali In Jaipur: 6 Places To Witness The Festive Vibe At Its Best!

The Festival of light, love and laughter- Diwali is celebrated in Jaipur with zeal and excitement, making it the most cherished Indian Festival. The city of Jaipur is popular for celebrating Diwali in the best possible way. Each and every native of this city celebrates this vibrant festival in high spirits. So here we present you 6 places to have the best view of Diwali in Jaipur! 

Johari Bazaar 

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Renowned for its jewelry, Johari Bazar is a standard market for shopping on Dhan Teras. Beautifully decked up and oozing glitter on its streets the market is just the right place to be on Diwali. The shops and dwelling architecture at Johari Bazaar are all lightened with vibrant colors and festive vibes. A stunning place that attracts visitors from all over the country, and you are a jaipurite so do make sure you hit the market. 

Nahargarh Fort 

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Get to this place and witness the most glittering panoramic views of the Pink City. The fort is sure to offer serene yet breathtaking views of this beautiful festival, including stunning flashes of the lit up walled city. Majority of the people head to this fort to experience how wonderful Jaipur looks from the top during Diwali. Do visit the spot to have the best array of lights. 

Statue Circle 

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One of the most happening places of Jaipur. Statue Circle happens to be the most cheerful of all the places in the Pink city. If you wish to sip a good cup of coffee and witness the fresh fusion of lights, air, and colours then do stop by. Many Jaipurites hit this spot post visiting all other Diwali decors around the city. 

World Trade Park 

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The Paradise of Pink City, World Trade Park is the biggest business mall of Jaipur. Visiting this during Diwali will leave you all charmed by the sparks and glitz it holds. WTP is sure to stun you. 

Akshardham Temple 

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Known as Mini Vrindavan of Jaipur, Akshardham lightens up like no other temple in the city. The place attracts many tourists and visitors especially during the time of Diwali. So make sure you have this on the list of places to visit to celebrate Diwali in Jaipur! 

Baapu Bazaar 

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The two bazaars, Nehru and Bapu Bazaars are both rich in authenticity. Here you’ll find readymade articles of footwear, clothing, jewels, and home decor stuff. The streets are washed and embellished with bright vibrant lights. Hit the streets to witness the old city’s bustle during the festive season, you’ll be astonished with the beautiful artefacts. 

Get to these embellishing places and live the festival of lights; Diwali in Jaipur at the best. Don’t forget to share your favorite place to celebrate Diwali in Jaipur with us!