Diwali in Jaipur : The Festival of Lights

You shall be in even more loving mode with Jaipur after this Diwali..!!!

World Trade Park
PC : Dixit Chouhan

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As Diwali, the biggest and most joyful festival of India knocks the doors – Wish you all a very happy Deepawali time well in advance from Team JaipurCityBlog; this time lets tour the colorful lightning Jaipur; If this is your first Diwali in Jaipur then this article shall surely compel you to visit Jaipur & have a golden happy Deepawali time….

“Are bhagyavan sunti ho, abki baar agar gajak leni ho to narayanji gajak wale se hi lena. Ji ha Narayan Gajak wale”. Don’t take us otherwise, we are not promoting any business here; I am just telling you a common line that you shall hear on loudspeakers everytime you visit city side during Deepawali time. So Jaipur has started decorating itself to welcome Goddess Lakshmi & God Ganesha with lights everywhere.

Prominent places to visit during Diwali inside walls of Pink City (famously called as Old Jaipur) are all the markets including Chaura Rasta, Heart of Jaipur Johari Bazar, biggest market of Saris Lalji Sand ka Rasta, badi chaupar and choti chaupar. If you want to visit New Jaipur, there are even more options in form of markets of Vaishali Nagar, Malviya Nagar, Mansarovar, Rajapark and several small markets.

Diwali in Jaipur
PC : Dixit Chouhan

Famous buildings of entire Jaipur are all decorated heavily and the glimpse of lights on such buildings is a hearttrobbing scene in itself.

Many of you may be not aware that every year, nominations are placed for decorations under different categories & best market decorated inside Parkota, outside Parkota, the most heavily decorated private building are all awarded prizes & appreciations.

If you have watched Pink city from top of Nahargarh in the day light, you must be amazed how beautiful Jaipur looks; but you might be stunned to view the lightening Jaipur from Nahargarh on Diwali night when the Amavasya – Andhere ki Raat becomes the witness of splendid Jaipur.

Diwali in Jaipur
View from Nahargarh Fort on Diwali Night

Visit Nahargarh at Night around 2 AM on Diwali and you find several others like you watching the most magnificent site in front of their eyes.

Jaipur has been following this rich tradition of lightning Diyas and keeping it in front of houses on road and all walls of the house. Wherever in whichever street you go, you shall find the lightning houses and in front of them lying those lightning diyas.

This time also, entire business market in Jaipur has been renovated and setting up new schemes & discounts to avail maximum benefit of the festival.

Visit Tripolia Bazar on Dhanteras and you shall only find Steel utensils & components & gold and silver coins everywhere. On previous Dhanteras, a record 450 crore business was done from utensils, gold & silver.

Following the day of Deepawali comes the day of Goverdhan Pooja & you shall see all sweet shops with a lot of sweets everywhere. Why? Well, Jaipurites always find the means to meet relatives & friends and the day following Deepawali is such perfect day to wish Happy Diwali to everyone by meeting in personal.

Jaipurites have already commenced shopping for Diwali; Have you commenced till now? No, just go! Market has already set up to welcome you and greet a very Happy Deepawali.

Here are few beautiful Pictures of Diwali in Jaipur :


Diwali in Jaipur
Ganpati Plaza Jaipur


Diwali in Jaipur
Narain Vilas Palace Jaipur


Diwali in Jaipur
Johari Bazar Jaipur


Diwali in Jaipur
World Trade Park – PC : Yuvraj Singh Chauhan


Diwali in Jaipur
View from Nahargarh on Diwali – PC : Yuvraj Singh Chauhan


Diwali in Jaipur
Jal Mahal Jaipur


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