DIWALI – The mesmerising time of the year is around the corner !!

Pinkcity is one of the few places in India where Diwali the biggest festival of the country is celebrated with much zeal and enthusiasm. We have many more festivals in the country but the enthusiasm our city shows for Diwali is just incomparable. From lighting diyas to sparkly lights , decorating every nook and corner of the house to making beautiful rangolis, burning crackers to glowing candles ,exchanging gifts to making sweets.We do it all with whole heart and soul and a spirit of devotion as well as love for the festival and the almighty. We spread happiness and light  everywhere.

Diwali marks the beginning of the festive season. As soon as Diwali ends, the wedding season starts, therefore there are many wedding oriented exhibitions & shows during this period. Diwali parties especially the card parties and get together catches on around two weeks before the Diwali. Most of these parties run well past the mid-night. Although this is completely an urban phenomenon, the festive mood is everywhere.

Diwali – Five day festival 

For a long time, Jaipur has followed a tradition of observing 5 day Diwali celebration. It starts with Dhanteras on day one, Roop Chaudas on day 2, Diwali or Lakshmi Puja on day 3, Goverdhan Puja on day 4 and Bhai Duj on day 5. So for the first 3 days, markets and establishments are all decked up with the lights.

Traditionally, Diyas made of clay were used to light up the houses. This was later replaced by candles. Imported  Chinese LED lights in the last few years have kind of taken over all the buildings. While Diya or deepak is no match for these LED lights when it comes to illumination & light effect, traditional Diya evokes a different feeling. Diwali is synonymous with Diya; it is not the case with cheap LED lights that we see all aroundPutting well lit Diyas glows and charms the house altogether , hence you may see many houses with those led lights as well as small Diyas on every adjacent corners of the wall.

Many tourists visit Jaipur to witness & experience the Diwali celebrations, both from abroad as well as India. Jaipur is a popular destination among the  Gujarati and Bengali tourists during the Diwali vacations.

You will find many monuments and building in Jaipur all lit up for the Diwali. Especially the walled city is all dressed with lights, themes and colours. Every street is shining beautifully.

Its more than a week left for Diwali and the pink city has already started to dress up. Visit this colourful city of beauty, tradition, cultures and mould with us in the festive feels. 

Albert Hall museum to world trade park every single building is beautifully lit and it’s a feast for the eyes.