DJ Chetas is in town today ! Hurry.

Guess what guys ?

Finally the wait is over. Dj Chetas is coming .

Yes today and tomorrow they are here in F-bar to make your weekend a rocking memory which you would love to cherish. Especially the party animals in town wake up it’s time to make your weekend a fantastic one.


The most populous and is the number 1 Bollywood Dj of the country . The ultimate beat maker of bollywood. He is the official dj for the Kolkata Knight Riders and till date the only DJ with a mobile app promoting dance music to masses. He has worked with some of the prestigious events in the world with many big artists and is now finally in town to make our weekend the best !

His musical journey started nearly 11years ago, when he started off his career just as a passion for the love of music, little did he know that this passion would transcend into an art possessed by merely a hand full of artist. For him life is a mashup. So blend your moves in his beats and dance as freely you can. He is on his way , join him at the bar today !


1. Timings – 9 Pm onwards.

2. Dates – 9th and 10th June.

3. Venue – F bar

So book a seat for you and your group.

It’s today only !!!!

Visit fbar today and party hard .

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