DJ Ravish is making the whole world groove over his music! Let’s find out how!

Evidently, DJ Ravish from Jaipur is making the whole world groove over his music! This DJ is not only making his name in his city or country but also internationally.  We ran talking to him about his journey as a DJ and how he plans to conquer the possibilities of DJing in India as well as in the World. Let’s find out what the DJ has to tell us about himself and the future of DJing.

1. Tell me something about yourself.

My name is Ravi Kumar Sharma and I am known by my stage name DJ Ravish. I was born in Nowgong Assam and was brought up in Jaipur.  I always had a knack for DJing and so after class 12th, I started DJing. I used to go to my college in the morning and at night I played in clubs- this is how I managed through and polished my DJing skills. I completed my MBA in finance & marketing and then DJing took over.

DJ Ravish

I have been DJing for past 14 years now.

If I have to sum up my persona in a single line, I’d say I am someone who loves music, traveling and is passionate about his job.

2. How did your inclination towards DJing grow? Who is your favorite DJ, when it comes to playing good music? 

The credit of inclining me towards DJing goes to my elder brother. When I was a kid, he used to bring cassettes of latest English and Hindi music for me which I listened the whole day. Later, he also got me a computer which had some music videos pre-loaded. Those pre-loaded ones had few live performances of international DJs which inspired me to take up DJing as a profession.

Best DJ in Jaipur

Well, I believe all the DJs are good. Everyone has their own style, music and fan following. There is a scope to learn something from every DJ. Maybe this is the reason why I don’t have anyone as my favorite, instead, all DJs are my favorite and I am always looking forward to learning something from each one of them.

3. It’s been more than a decade since you started DJing. What has been the most favorite moment in your career?

My favorite moment in my career was when I got a chance to play in the IPL. Cricket has always been my favorite sport. In fact, as a kid, I wanted to be a cricketer.

Rajasthan Royals, DJ Ravish

I performed as the in-stadium DJ for Rajasthan Royals team in IPL 2013. That was an amazing experience for me and trust me playing for a live cricket match is totally different and a lot more challenging than playing in clubs or concerts. Everything is live and there is simply no room for error. The feeling of making 30-35,000 people dance to your tunes in a stadium can’t be explained in words.

4. What is the main challenge you face as a DJ? How challenging is the scenario in India?

The main challenge is to make people understand what DJing is. It took me years to explain to my parents what I do and why I want to pursue it as a career. A lot of people still think that DJing is like working in an orchestra or a band. This is the reason why DJing is still not recognized as a full-time profession in India.

I’ll share with you an experience. Years ago, when I went to open my first bank account, the bank refused to take DJ as a profession and asked me to write something else in my occupation. I suppose it will take years for everyone to understand what actually being a DJ means.

5. Can you name some countries or places where you have represented India?

I have represented India in – Dubai, Doha, Singapore, Istanbul, Kathmandu, Saint Petersburg, Moscow, Zanzibar, Dar-es-salaam, Nairobi and many more.

DJ Ravish, Africa

6. Which is the audience you love playing for the most? And why?

I love doing college fests. They have so much energy in them, they respond to every track you play. The kind of love and respect the college audience shows towards music is amazing.

7. Where do you see the scenario of DJing, 5 years from now?

When we talk about DJing at the world frontage, things will get harder and more challenging. There are already many music competitions and so many talented DJs coming up in the industry.

DJ Ravish, Istanbul

People need to have a USP in order to survive through such a tough competition.

8. Which one event do you think was a major boost to your career?

I believe, doing IPL for Rajasthan Royals and soon after that doing India vs Australia ODI match, Pakistan vs Australia T20 series and Pakistan vs New Zealand t20 series gave a major boost to my career and people started recognizing me for my work and achievements.

9. Which is that one place you still haven’t played and would love to, in future?

USA and Australia are two destinations where I would love to go and perform.

10. What are your future plans, what are you aiming at?

In future, I would love to do official remixes for Bollywood and Punjabi artists.

And other than this, I certainly want to open an institute where I can teach live DJing and music production to the young and upcoming DJs. A lot of people have enquired me for the same and due to my busy schedule, I have never been able to come up with something like that. But yes, in future, my vision is to open an institute dedicated to DJing and music production.

11. And I’m sure everyone would love to know your personal favorite. The track you love grooving to and playing?

Currently, I am grooving to all the tracks by Guru Randhawa. That guy is seriously on fire. All his tracks are a big hit and the crowd loves them.

Ravish, Dj ravish

Aren’t you mesmerized by the immense talent and flair DJ Ravish is exhibiting!!! If you wish to ask DJ Ravish anything you can ping him on the below given Social Media Channels or to know more about him, you can visit his website.

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