Domestic Flights Suspended From 25th March Until Further Notice

Coping up with the current health crisis overtaking the city and the world at large, the authorities have taken certain measures to control the spread of COVID-19 and to break it’s increasing chain. 

In the wake of the emerging health crisis that has put the entire world at halt, the Indian Government has taken a major step to STOP the spread of this efficacious Coronavirus that has pulled the world down to their knees. 

Here’s what happened: 

The Government of India has decided to suspend all the domestic air tracked from today i.e Wednesday, 25th March. But these restrictions are not fully applicable for cargo flights. Moreover, all the Passengers can contact the airline concerned for the latest updates regarding the departure of international flights. Even those with prior booking, no need to panic you’ll be refunded sooner or later.

Now more than ever it’s highly necessary to follow all the rules and regulations and STAY INDOORS. It’s for our own safety guys, please take precautions and stay protected, don’t fall prey to the Coronavirus. More importantly educate the stick-holders at your home, make sure they maintain the proper level of hygiene and are staying indoors. 

Stay positive, maintain proper hygiene and do not fall for the misinformation, doubly cross-check before claiming it as a fact and stop spreading the panic.