Double faced attitude of Government towards Development of Jaipur

Really working towards Resurging or just a formality??

Development of Jaipur, Resurgent Rajasthan
Resurgent Rajasthan

Government has thrown its entire strength for the “Government” Event Resurgent Rajasthan that is going to happen in capital city Jaipur in the month of November. In urban area itself, development work to the tune of Rs. 250 crore is running. Out of these, more than Rs. 100 crore work is on account of the event only.

Other works which were running from several years in the city  have also been provided speed now. In past, Jaipurites were continuously facing problems due to slow speed of work.

At the risk of criticism, it is pertinent to that although Jaipur Development Authority, Jaipur Nagar Nigam and other development authorities are working on projects of more than 100 crores, but there is no due planning for monitoring of the projects after completion of the event. I am afraid that the status of projects should not remain as it remained after completion of NRI summit that happened in Jaipur. At that time also, Development of Jaipur gained speed prior to the summit, but after completion of summit, nobody looked after the status due to which the projects could not be completed till due date.

If the following projects were associated with the event, Govt. could look in to the exact status of these projects too, which the “Welfare oriented” Govt. doesn’t even want to look:

  • Kalyan Nagar Fatak Underpass
  • Flyover from Tonk Road to Jagatpura
  • Elevated road from Bais Godam to Gopalpura Byepass

UPA in 2012 also incurred more than 200 crores on account of NRI summit in 2012, but development work deteriorated after return of the guests.

Being a Jaipurite, I just wish that if Government wakes up during the events only, then out of 365 days, events should occur for 300 days so that government can continue development work at a rapid rate.

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