Father’s day special: 7 Trending Gifts to let him know how much you love him!

Father’s day

Father’s Day, the much awaited day by his little princess is already here- It’s 18th June.

Let’s celebrate his contribution to our lives. Let’s celebrate a person we always look upon as a source of inspiration as path of guidance.

Here are 7 Trending Gifts that can buy you a priceless smile on his face!

  1. Tea/Coffee Mug

A mug full of love- to always remind him of the unconditional love that he receives from you. A mug that can either start his day happily or end up refreshing with a late night coffee.

Where can you buy: Hashtags Raja Park

  1. Cufflinks

Whether your dad loves to go ‘Old-school’ or the new way, trendy or traditional; No matter what kind, cufflinks could be the best part of his attire.

A set of cufflinks that show him how much he means to you-because special fathers deserve an extra special gift.

Where can you buy: Devi C-Scheme

  1. Trendy Key-chains

Get rid of his boring old black leather key chain and replace it with some cool ones. Adding colors and vibrant energies would help him restart the some new game levels.

Where can you buy: Chumbak at WTP

  1. Miniature Cakes

Those cute sugar coated small cakes would bake your love more to a next level where the added sweetness would bring perfect shapes to your life making it sweeter.

Where can you buy: Miss Bakers C-Scheme

  1.  The Neck Wrap or Tie

Daddies have an absolute love for the ties to perfect the formals but gift him some cool cute funky ties to swell a tiny punch to his wardrobe.

Where can you buy: Peter England MI Road

  1. For the Music-Lover dads

Drop a CD on his lap recorded with the superlative songs of his special times giving him a knick-knack.

Where can you buy:  to music shop or best is Youtube

  1. Kis Tarah – Ustra

Your daddy may have a special love for his shaving kit; but gift him the all-new sprucing kit that would range from Pre- Shave oil to the After-Shave Lotion.

Where can you buy: Ustra-Amazon India

Article contributed by: Anupriya saini

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