Fine of Rs. 1000 Imposed: Not Adhering To Social Distancing!

Since COVID-19 our way of existing has changed, it has introduced many new normals that we must install ASAP. But In spite of all the fear and anxiety of the unknown, still, there are many people who are not adhering to the norms of social distancing. Many are openly scorning the must follow COVID rules and it’s costing the society a fortune. Therefore in order to contain these COVIDiots from further deterioration, here is what the authorities have decided.

A Costly Punishment: On Saturday the authorities concerning the matters of the state health, revenue, and security imposed heavy fines on those found flouting the rules. The challans (fines) touch the bar of Rs. 1000. All those who fail to pay the amount on the spot will have to bear severe consequences. 

In this case, the rule violations include: 

  • Defying quarantine rules
  • Not adhering to social distancing 
  • Not wearing a face mask in a public place 
  • Spitting in open spaces 
  • Consumption of tobacco 

This is for all those who fail to understand the need to contain the virus. So make sure you aren’t one of them, because if you are then ready to be liable to pay such heavy fines.

Although the city of Jaipur is functioning and operating please try to avoid leaving the house as much as you can. Remember you can always act as a carrier of coronavirus and can affect the lives of your dearies. So stay home, use this time to gain and expand your knowledge, listen to podcasts, read books, and broaden your perspectives. 

 We sincerely hope that people take a cue from the new normal rules and install them into their day to day routines soon. As the benefit is wholesome for everyone.