For all the shopaholics.. Here is a list of famous bazaars you would need.

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Pink city is loaded with colours, beautiful creations, scriptures, paintings, cultures, ancient dress sense, rajput values but the bazaars here takes the whole plate when it comes to asking what is the best? Jaipur bazaars offer you every type of big, small, new, designed, printed , coloured, multicoloured, pocket friendly, anything you need and guess what they even customize as per your suitability.
Jaipur takes pride in its handicrafts, art and sculpting, and one of the most popular aspects of Jaipur’s tradition is its pottery.

Here is the list of bazaars which a shopaholic need as specifics :


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MI road provides with gorgeous displays of pottery that are just spectacular. Highly finished, beautifully decorated, wooden sculptures made of brass, copper which would be great to be put in your drawing rooms and kitchens. It is the most adorable bazaar among the city, as it hosts you with admiring and eye catchy artefacts and pots that dates to the royal lineage of jaipur.
Colourful ceramic pots and wooden sculptures are like cherry of a cake.
The suitable time to visit this road is 11 AM to 10 PM.


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Well well ladies this is for you. The one thing you all are crazy about is jewellery be it for wedding, leisure, party, day to day or even ever green. You can find any type of jewellery you require from archaic to neoteric, cheapest to highly expensive, it has everything a jewellery admirer needs.

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Johari bazaar is the dreamiest place for its lovers. Gems here are famous for its richness and quality. Each stone reflect the new and upcoming trends. Customisation is always welcomed. Necklaces, earrings, rajasthani regals, bangles all these are highlights. They promise to leave a lasting effect once you try these. Bazaar would entertain you from 11 AM to 10 PM.


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Fond of textiles? Fabrics? Prints? Jootis?
You cannot find a better place than Nehru bazaar which is famous for its bandini textiles, outfits, mostly worn by folk people of Rajasthan all tempting us to try them.
Also the bazaar is hub for jootis one of the specialities of Jaipur. You can find one of the classics and unique forms of fabric and jootis. Customisation is highly appreciated in jootis. Craftily woven jootis is the speciality of Johari Bazaar.

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Go and visit this bazaar and explore the finest textiles bringing out the heritage of this pink city. Best timings to visit the place is 11 AM to 10 PM.


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Artefacts and beautiful creations of Jaipur are popular throughout india. Marbles, handicrafts, paintings, sculptures, carvings, wall hangings etc of Chandpole Bazaar in the pink city provides you with the best and most of the things to buy. Carpets, clothes, turbans, sashes and printed cloth is in redundance at this place.

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Visit this bazaar and treat yourself with these exquisite creations. Bazaar is open from 11 AM to 11 PM.


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Bazaar is well known for its lac jewellery and handmade work. Not only offering the best lac jewellery of India veritable puppets, traditional and designer clothes, carpets Rajasthani fabrics are all found in this beautiful well crowded bazaar between 11 AM to 10 PM.

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Discover and serve yourself with these prepossessing bona fide creations.