Free Bird Treatment Camp in Jaipur on Makar Sakranti

bird helpline in jaipur

Every January, Jaipur city sacrifices thousands of its birds to the thrill of kite- flying festival (Makar Sakranti). This traditional festivity proves fatal for thousands of innocent flying creatures who injure themselves through Glass-coated threads that cut and entangle to cause fractures, wing cuts and nerve injuries and even glass pieces embedded in their bodies.

With more kites competing for space with birds, the number of hits has risen over the years. What makes matter worse is that people continue to use dangerous strings, totally disregarding the harm they cause to the birds.

Therefore Team Raksha started the first free Bird Treatment Camp in Jaipur in 2006. Since then has been constantly committed to organise such events, educate volunteers , individuals and self help groups to tackle the avian emergency in best possible manner.

We cordially invite you to our annual Free bird treatment camp from the 13th to the 16th of January 2017. The camp will be set up at JLN Marg, next to RamNiwas Garden South Gate.

If you wish to volunteer or donate please contact us at Please also help spread this word among your friends and acquaintances. If you see an injured bird Please call us on our Helpline 98285 00065 or either drop the bird at any of our make shift camps or shelter in durgapura.



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