French Photographer Saskia Patel held her exhibition PARFUMS DE VOYAGES at Clarks Amer

A Vibrant Journey Through Miniatures

Saskia Patel
Saskia Patel

French photographer, Saskia Patel held her exhibition, PARFUMS DE VOYAGES, at Clarks Amer.

Depicting series of photographs deeply inspired by the vibrancy of fragrances, Saskia invites views to travel through exotic lands and dreamy, poetic, playful scenes . Transforming perfume bottles into architectural elements, she exhibits an artistic perspective.

Here’s what Saskia had to tell..

Tell us something about yourself.

Well, I grew up in France. To pursue my studies, I went to London. At Central Grand, I studied Fine arts and it was there that I meet my husbands (laughs). After that I came to India.

How did you align yourself to the world of photography?

I always had the eye to create something different with usual products. I started up by photographing jewellery elements. During that I honed myself with the small-small important aspects of photographing. Also, I had worked under the guidance of Sir Jean Lariviere in Paris. All this helped me get where I am today.

Asking her about the concept behind PARFUMS DE VOYAGES , here’s what she enlightened us with.

First of all, I chose Perfumes because each perfume bottle has a unique dimension and the pretext to use the bottles as an abstract transforming them into architectural elements. Also am very much inspired by scents. They revive memories.

What are your opinions about Jaipur as a city?

Jaipur is very beautiful and charming city. It is a wonderful city to be in. Culturally, I feel Jaipur lacks Theatre and exhibitions. There should be more of these things. I never get bored here. Something or the other is always happening catching my eye. Am highly mesmerized by this.

What are your future plans?

I just want to take pictures and want to click modern art. I have my studio in C-Scheme. I have big plans to develop it.

Team Jaipur City Blog wishes you All The Best for your future endeavors..


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Here are few clicks from the exhibition

(The exhibition is held between 5th October 2015 to 9th October 2015)

 Parfums de Voyages

Parfums de Voyages

Parfums de Voyages

Parfums de Voyages

Parfums de Voyages

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