Away From The City Chaos, Amidst The Green Resides The Gateway Hotel, Ramgarh Lodge

After a long tiresome festive week of Diwali, we were looking for a peaceful weekend escape, & this hidden treasure of Taj turned out to be the perfect leisure destination for us. It used to be one of the favourite getaways of Maharaja Man Singh & Maharani Gayatri Devi of Jaipur during that era. At a drive of 50 minutes from heart of the pink city- jaipur , the place left us mesmerised with its naturist beauty & exceptional experiences they offered.

ramgarh lodge

The road that takes you sets the spirits high even before you reach the place, with its scenic view & the lofty hills covered with lush green grass. With the impeccable hospitality of Taj & numerous experiences to offer, The Gateway hotel welcomed us for a Holiday like never before.  Every corner of the Ramgarh Lodge unfolded a beautiful historical tale & took us closer to the royal living. It was not just a luxurious stay in a relaxing environment away from the business centre, but much more & beyond with the peculiar services.


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The morning sight of the beautiful Aravali hills & the birds flitting from tree to tree & chirping at each other felt like a morning snooze to us, on which we happily woke up. Followed was a bird watching activity, where we spotted distinctive flora & fauna that were the rare ones . After a healthy breakfast from their kitchen, we geared up for some cycling in the lap of nature & explored the places nearby with the breath taking views following us everywhere.
If you too are a nature lover like me, then morning ritual is a mandate for you.


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Organic farming has turned out to be need of the hour these days with the growing awareness & consciousness of people towards a healthy lifestyle.  On our way back to the Hotel, we were taken to one such Organic farm where everything was grown organically & a lot of times people from the Ramgarh Lodge handpick the vegetables from there. It was indeed an insightful noon that we spent.


bhangarh fort
PC : Rohan Jain

From authentic Rajasthani cuisine to a wide selection of International gourmet food, the lunch was a sheer delight for all of us. With the tummies tucked up with great delicacies, we choose to board for a visit to Bhangarh Fort with fellow guests.
We were told about the most haunted place in India & the horror tales attached to it by the local guide which is surely not found on the internet. 


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As the sun settled down, & the stars took over the sky, our tables were all set for the grand feast, which we were longing for. Gazing at the aesthetically lit surroundings & twilight that was widespread in the gardens of Ramgarh lodge we got carried with some deep conversations of heart, which left us with no words for this place but immense love!

A Bagful of memories & bountiful smiles we sought our own solace here & bid adieu to Ramgarh Lodge to come back again on this pathway for another story to share with all.

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