Ghat Ki Guni – A Tunnel Connecting Cultural Zones

Ghat Ki Guni

“Some paths connect people. Some proceed to an entirely different place. Whereas, some are just so magical that we don’t want them to bring an end to our journey.”

That’s the feeling arrives when you enter to Ghat ki Guni. A narrow alley between hilly ranges of Aravali dotting easterly direction in Jaipur, this tunnel road bestow a beautiful feeling of travelling from one city to another and many other places. It provides access to the area situated in the East of Jaipur & beyond. It is also a starting point of the road that leads to the city of Taj Mahal – Agra. Hence, it is also called as Agra Road.

For a novice, coming to visit Pink City for the first time and entering through this mystical tunnel will surely have an enthralling experience. The symmetrical architecture and a captivating façade lining on both sides of the road, adorned with the different style of Chhatris and Jharokhas imparts a glimpse of the typical framework of Jaipur.

Ghat ki guni tunnel
PC: Hoshang Singh

Chronicles of Ghat ki Guni Tunnel

In 1739, founder of Jaipur City, Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II led this way of Ghat Ki Guni. The layout plan of Ghat Ki Guni area intended more to Mughal style lawns like Sisodia Rani Garden, Vidhyadhar Park, and Raj Niwas Garden.

These beautiful parks were styled and inspired by the famous Mughal gardens of Delhi and Kashmir. Along with these gardens, there are dwelling units, Havelis, and several temples lining both sides of the road.

Over the time, many people moved out of these buildings, and now they are deserted. Before the official opening of this tunnel, it was already in use. It was incorporated as an element because of the layout of Jaipur. At that time road of Delhi and Agra were entry points of the city. And, entry to the city from Delhi was from north while the entry from Agra was from east.

Both Delhi and Agra has their immense importance during Mughals as they were the centre of Mughal empowerment, spanning right from Afghanistan and Bangladesh.

Ghat Ki Guni Jaipur

Then and Now

Lovely facades, striking shapes of entrance gates, old doors that remind of the bygone era, and many Havelis with a temple inside its premises defines the beauty of Ghat Ki Guni. Looking at the earlier scene, we can probably guess the importance of Agra during its time, when it was the capital of Mughal Empire for more than a century.

And, now the entire area has been renovated by Amer Development Authority (ADA) recently after years. Although, Ghat ki Guni is not an entirely straight road, but bends in it add more to its charm.

Before its restoration came to urge, all these heritage structures were in a shabby state. Ghat Ki Guni served as an access point for all traffic heading to Agra and beyond, for many years, which lead to further damage to these structures.

But, recently the area served as a recreational spot for the royalty of Jaipur, which is evident from the garden lined up here. An alternative route with the tunnel has now been thrown unlocked, and all heavy commercial vehicular traffic has been diverted through it. There are sidewalks on the sides, two-equipment side-bays, and perhaps inadequate ventilation.

Despite being away from the city, it used to provide a small glimpse of the Pink City laid within its astonishing architecture. And, this heritage is anticipated to continue enthralling tourists and people forever.

Ghat ki guni
Night View of Ghat Ki Guni
PC: Ankur Jain

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