Some Gorgeous Pictures Of World Trade Park Jaipur

No matter where you come from, once you start living in Jaipur, you’re a Jaipurite. And any Jaipurite who’s lived in this city for some time will vouch for how beautiful and picturesque it can be. One of the tourist attraction in Jaipur is World Trade Park that is beautifully designed by Architect Anoop Bartaria, you will definitely love it. Don’t believe me? These amazing pictures of the WTP Jaipur will bolster my argument.

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Best Photographs of World Trade Park, Jaipur

World Trade Park
PC : Dixit Chouhan


World Trade Park Jaipur
PC : Bha’s photography
World Trade Park Jaipur
Ariel View of WTP Jaipur. PC :


world trade park jaipur
Monsoon Time. PC : Yuvraj Singh Chouhan


World Trade Park Jaipur
PC : Milan Vijay


wtp jaipur
Diwali 2015. PC : Yatin Bhalla


world trade park jaipur
Cartist Art Festival at WTP, Jaipur. PC : Siddhantraj Mehta


WTP Jaipur
PC : Picnoid


World trade park jaipur
WTP view from JLN marg, Jaipur. PC : Dixit Chouhan


WTP Jaipur
WTP Jaipur Panorama


WTP Jaipur
PC : Rohan Jain


world trade park jaipur
When the World Trade Park was under construction. PC : anonymous


world trade park
Diwali 2014. PC : Yuvraj Singh Chouhan

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