Government Calling: Pick Up The Phone If You Receive A Call From ‘1921’

Hello Jaipurites, well recently we’ve got to know that on 21st April the Government of India announced that a survey will be undertaken in order to collect feedback from the public about the Coronavirus. Here are all the details you must know about this crucial news.

If you receive a call from ‘1921’ number then just answer it as it’s the government calling to conduct the survey. Under this survey the citizens are expected to receive a call from the given number on their respective smartphones. The survey is being conducted by the  National Informatics Centre (NIC), people are being urged to participate in the survey with utter seriousness and obedience so that accurate feedback can be gathered and transferred to the government over the spread of COVID-19 and it’s related information. 

Not just this but the government has also warned the citizens to be aware of the scams being taken place under the name of a similar survey, calling from different numbers except for ‘1921’. 

So dear readers be careful as to where and whose call you are answering to. Apart from this, keep distance, stay home and spread positivity. Pay gratitude to those working day and night for all of us.