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Studio Bagru

Studio Bagru –  Destination for Designers and Textile Enthusiasts in Jaipur.

Grand Opening 24th April 2016 | 3 Vinoba Marg, C-Scheme

Do you fancy block printed textiles?

Yes? Then you’d love Studio Bagru.

Studio Bagru is a textile sourcing company based out of Jaipur, and they are having the inauguration of their boutique and design studio on Sunday 24th April.

Studio Bagru invites everyone for the launch event to have a look at their creative studio. We’re hoping it will be a wonderful experience, especially for those who have an interest in textile, design, traditional art, and handmade fabrics.

The company’s name stems from Bagru, a small town located 30 kilometers west of Jaipur. Bagru is famous for its unique block-printed textiles. While the Studio Bagru office is located in C-Scheme, Jaipur, Bagru is where their story began, and where many of their products come from.

Studio Bagru

The printing process in Bagru is highly specialized and delicate, involving many hands and hearts to create a single textile. It is also recognized around the world for its traditional, mud-print resist method called dabu.

Studio Bagru aims to empower these local artisans in Bagru by involving them in the overall supply chain as crucial role players. Their unique model brings the entire supply chain together, which involves global consumers, designers, local artisans, retail distributors, and manufacturers.

What’s interesting is, the people at Studio Bagru know the artisan communities in Bagru really well. They have lived with the local artisans, learned from them, and now they want to foster entrepreneurial growth in the communities with a conscious non-exploitative approach.

Their motto, “keep creating,” says a lot about how much they care about the dying art of hand block printing and the artisan communities. The company says, “We believe that hand block printing is not decaying industry, but a thriving one. It is a tradition embedded in a culture, the one we hope to serve.”

We found Studio Bagru really inspiring, and are looking forward to the launch event. Hope to see you there as well.

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Venue : Studio Bagru, 3 Vinoba Marg, C Scheme, Jaipur.

Contact Number : +91-9929710239

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Studio Bagru
Studio Bagru
Studio Bagru
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