GT Central Jaipur : Girl Finds CCTV Camera In Trial Room Of An Apparel Store

GT Central
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Jaipur woke up to the news of a CCTV camera being found in the trial room of an apparel store, JORSS, in GT Central Jaipur (Gaurav Tower Central).

A young girl was shocked to see a CCTV camera when she was changing there. She filed a complaint with the nearby police station. The owner of the shop and three other people who were working on that shop were arrested.

“We have terminated our contract with the store and have issued them a notice to vacate the premises immediately.” a management official at GT Central mall said.

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The concept of privacy in changing rooms has become a joke and to what extent can you keep checking for hidden cameras in trial rooms? CCTV cameras are meant for our safety, but what do we do if they are misused like this? It is disgusting. It’s the responsibility of the store owner or the mall authority to make sure that such activities don’t take place. If it’s unsafe to shop from stores inside reputed malls, where they have their own security personnel, where else do we go?
The sad part is, we have no idea about how many such cases go unreported, or how many cameras are not even spotted in trial rooms.

The camera placement in trial rooms should be thoroughly checked and the security systems of the malls and shops should be strengthened. The police should check malls and shops regularly so that this is not repeated. And strict action should be taken against the culprits in this particular case. I’m glad the girl reported it to the police immediately.

You never know if not through cameras, there could be a two-way mirror in the trial room.


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