Shri. Harish Chandra Meena, MP from Dausa launches a flagship program for Girl Child Development – A Step Towards a Brighter Future

Harish Chandra Meena
Shri Naresh Kumar Sharma (District Collector of Dausa), Shri Harish Chandra Meena (MP of Dausa District), Dr. Medhavi Gautam (Nutrition Expert & HOD Dietetics at SDMH), Ms. Krishna Bhati (Principal, SMS School)

“Strong Girls, Strong World.”

Do you know, according to 4th National Family Health Survey, 30.8 % women in rural Dausa are malnourished, which is statistically 7.9 % higher than the national average?

According to the same survey, only 22.9 % women in rural Dausa complete 10 or more years of schooling, which is statistically 12.8 % lower than the national average. Such an abysmal state of women education, health and nutrition in the district calls for some determined action.

And to contribute strongly in this area while creating an environment that mobilises numerous stakeholders to act, there have been many schemes launched so far. While most public discussions and local area development funds are targeted towards roads construction and water supply problem. And, in the region of Dausa, people are more sensitive to their immediate needs, which turns up least focus on long-term needs like education.

That is why, Shri Harish Chandra Meena, Hon’ble MP of Dausa District, wanted to put a focused effort in empowering and educating the girl child. Hence, he has initiated an innovative flagship program that aims to holistically impact more than 1000 girls and their families from across Dausa district.

For empowering education and raising support for the betterment of nutrition for every girl in the region of Dausa district, nearby Jaipur, this significant step has been taken.

Attended by 100+ selected invitees including school students, teachers, and principals from the government schools along with the major government stakeholders and village leaders, this program intends to not just spread the word but take action as well.

And, these striking things made us also reach straight up there to receive the focal points of the event.

Harish Chandra Meena
Shri Harish Chandra Meena, Hon’ble MP of Dausa District

A beginning towards Change

The launch was a three-pronged program, which aimed to holistically impact girl’s welfare through education, health, and nutrition while sensitising their families about their role.

During the program, we had a conversation with the Parliamentarian, Shri Harish Chandra Meena, who shared his vision for the development and education of the girl child, emphasising the importance of empowerment of female for the overall development of society.

The Member of Parliament informed in his keynote, “The overall motive is to provide a world-class education to girls in the schools of Dausa by creating model schools.”

Apart from him, there were other authorities present at the event and stated inspirational examples of girls who have overcome all odds of the society to achieve their dreams.

We also spoke with Ms. Krishna Bhati, Principal of SMS School, Jaipur and a lifelong educationist. In her kind inspirational speech, she assured the girls to always fight for their basic right to education because this is the most valuable tool they could use to empower themselves and live a fulfilling life.

We also got to witness an intense awareness session on various facets of a girl’s nutrition held by Dr. Medhavi Gautam, nutrition expert & HOD Dietetics at SDMH, where she spoke about balanced diet and the different nutrients that should be primarily included in the diet to overcome anaemia, deformities, etc.

With the follow-up of an entire event, we also spoke with District Collector of Dausa, Shri Naresh Kumar Sharma. He spoke about Dausa taking a big stride with this initiative & reiterated his commitment towards the cause. He presented his views on how the district administration, teachers, and parents could work towards creating an atmosphere of learning for girls in the region and take the society forward.

HC Meena
Discussion with students of different schools of Dausa

Core Highlights of Girl Child Development Program

Not only this, by seeing the dedication of the authorities and several people towards the event, we came to know that within its implementation these points would be focused:

  • In the first phase of the program, Rs. 15 lakhs would be given per school, after assessment of fund utilisation and performance by teacher’s further funds would be made available for the school. The funding per school can be till one crore.
  • Within first 30 days, all stakeholders would be able to see a visible change in the schools.
  • All girls would be issued health cards within 30 days, and their sanitary conditions will be analysed to plan health interventions data from the sum of cards gathered.
  • Teachers and parents would play a great role in the program. Hence they were urged to participate vigorously. Teachers will process weekly tests and ensure monthly parents teacher meeting.
  • Within one year, it is proposed to develop school quality standards, minimise failure rates in class 10th and ensure some girl students get admissions into Delhi University/ Maharani College, Jaipur.
HC meena
Principals of different schools participated and shared their opinion for a step towards a brighter future

Essential efforts and Conclusion

The event met with a satisfactory ending, as there was an informational presentation for the gathering, which displayed Statistics of the state of affairs in India as compared to other developed and developing nations. Moreover, by highlighting three core pillars of the program, there was also a session, which turned out to be highly interactive with schoolgirls. By seeing the zestful response and raising several pertinent questions by girl students, it suggested many other aspects that must be implemented when it comes to raising the girl power.

We also met with Dausa’s renowned archer and role model, Constable Rajanti Meena, who was honoured in the event. She inspired us as being an achiever of 2014 State Open Archery Tournament and winning the 2nd position in 2016 in All India Police Archery Tournament is not an easy task when it comes to the enthusiasm of a lady.

Harish Chand Meena
Shri. HC Meena, MP from Dausa launches a flagship program for Girl Child Development

Folks! All we can say that just a little effort by society and attention towards the status of girl can bring an incredible change in everyone’s thought process.

This event made us, and everyone there to ascertain that 21st century requires teaching-learning processes to adapt to modern times.

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