Heiwa Heaven The Resort – Embraced By Nature, Nourished By Luxury

Heiwa Heaven Resort

Moving to and fro with the essence of going to an entirely new place always brings out a thought of excitement and a question, what’s going to be next? And, while exploring the outskirts area of Jaipur, we had our encounter with Heiwa Heaven Resort, a luxurious retreat that is enclosed in the lap of nature with unique ambience and design.

Located around 12kms from the main city, this 4-star luxurious resort has aesthetically pleasant surrounding to refresh the mind and soul of any visitor. Their words of pride “Feel the difference” actually make sense by their way of hospitality, environment, and courtesy of being one of the ideal resorts in Jaipur. It’s so far more than a luxury that can be felt even more when you are to visit Heiwa Heaven.

The tourist who love to stay away from the hustle and bustle of a city and wanted to experience excellent modern amenities, the property of Heiwa Heaven ascertains factor of harmony and hospitality all in one.

It is one of the leading resorts of India and upholds an environment that is perfect for all the occasions. Whether it’s a corporate one or personal event, its spacious accommodation, blissful hilly surrounding hosted in grandeur way leaves a delightful impression to return here over and over again.

Lodging Highlights

Our day outing at resort started with a welcome drink on arrival, which was offered at the reception counter. When we came up to the area of stay, we saw the rooms featured with vista windows that allow passing on abundant sunlight during the daytime while offering a serene view of swimming pool and landscape outside the hotel. And, categorised as Deluxe, Super Deluxe, Executive, and Suites with all the innovative features to give a feeling of highness.

Tremendous Facilities

For beating the scorching heat of daytime, we came to the poolside area, Bliss puddle for enjoying a fun time and relaxing in water with the refreshing mocktails that actually revived our cores in summer. Also, over the area of swimming pool, Rain Dance and DJ party were arranged for all the in-house guests in the resort to sprinkle up little more excitement.

Heiwa Heaven Resort
Pool side area

After a pool party, to relish our appetite, we reached their restaurant & bar, Nirwana Woods to dine in a hi-five place accompanied with a soothing ambience and a vegetarian lunch buffet. After treating stomach with a delicious meal, we made a stop at Banquet Hall namely Elysium, a wood hillside auditorium that is meant for wedding functions, professional gatherings, anniversary/birthday celebrations, parties, or any other special events.

Moving to the other zones, we came to play cricket in Fairyland Marriage Garden, a wild wood theme wedlock garden that offers vast area outside, which made us realized of a dream wedding that everyone wishes for.

cricket ground in jaipur
Huge garden for Sports and Weddings at Heiwa Heaven Resort

After cricket entertainment, walking towards the inner section, for pampering our senses, we discovered the wood laze spa, Paradise Woods that helps the guests to calm their body and soul while recreating the ecstasy from outside world.

As soon as the time passed by, we went to explore and pace up more with indoor as well outdoor activities. Therefore, we made our way towards Glory Woods Madness, which has a designed soft play area for all age groups with the impressive combination of music, adventure, movement, props, imaginary play, and custom-designed apparatus.

Over there, a playful round of pool and table tennis went pretty fantastic, and for complementing self with outdoor fun, we made a catch with Zorba and Zip Line.

Heiwa Heaven Resort
Indoor Games at Heiwa Heaven Resort
adventure sports in Jaipur
Adventure Activities at Heiwa Heaven Resort

And, so far we came to an end to our journey of Heiwa Heaven lastly at Pearly Gates Tents for an entirely different confrontation of camping site within the resort premises amidst the local surrounding of the forests.

All set to the top, we can enlighten Heiwa Heaven as a property which is an ideal getaway for the corporates, business travellers, families, couples, and much more. Wrapping up all the contemporary services for corporate events, meetings, conferences, wedding functions, and all types of parties, here is an option in the suburbs of Jaipur to explore.

Heiwa Heaven

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