Here Are 9 Things You Must Do During Diwali Break

The most lit time of the year Diwali, the festival of lights is around the corner. It is particularly associated with the Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth and prosperity, and marks the beginning of the financial year in the country. 

In order to have the most memorable Diwali celebration, here are a few suggestions about things to do before Diwali which you can follow in order to cherish the most happening festival of Hindu households.

Here Are A Few Things To Do During Diwali Break

1. Clean The Dusty Nook & Corners:

Dust, clean and clear the bookshelves, tables, corners and basically everything. Cleaning, dusting and sponging your house is a certain tradition that is passed onto us from our ancestors. It is believed that when the house is clean and fresh then it is all set for the arrival of the Goddess of wealth and prosperity. So make sure you clear the air of impurities by cleaning everything, you still have a week left don’t delay any further and grab a broomstick and pan and start weeping the dusty shelves. 

2. Donate & Recycle:


While cleaning you’ll witness a bunch of your old, torn clothes, used registers, a pile of magazines & newspapers, collection of your electronics, old CDs and many more items that are taking up so much room. Donate the items which you can think can be of use for someone in need. Recycle the used papers, magazines, and other items. 

3. Doll Up The House:

Candles, garlands, flowers, bells, lights, bulbs, colorful patterns grab all the lovely items that’ll do the work of embellishing. This too is a tradition passed by our great-great-grandparents, it is believed to be a perfect way to welcome the Goddess of wealth and prosperity. Make some rangoli designs in diverse shapes of leaves, flowers, ‘diyas’ and animals are the most preferred at the entrance.

Also, who doesn’t like to have a feast for the eyes? Put on your aesthetic sense and creative glasses and get set to give your house a vibrant shower. 

4. Let’s Do Some Shopping:

Well its always fun to visit the nearby markets when this festival of lights is around the corner. Get up and take a stroll at the decked up places and buy some scented candles to give your house a new air. Shop for lamps, lights, rangolis, chocolates, cakes, sweets, and of course brand new ethnic outfits. They say Diwali is a festival of lights and colors, so pick the colorful cloth pieces and dip in the pool of aesthetics.

5. Meet & Greet:

It’s a busy world out there but it won’t harm to spare some time off your busy schedule to surprise your dear mates and have a gala evening. This Diwali go meet your childhood friends, call them up at your place or go visit them and cherish some amazing memories. 

6. Make Sure To Prepare For ‘Lakshmi Pooja’:

This festival is incomplete without ‘Lakshmi Pooja’, so prepare yourself with the required essentials for the divine time. You must have some dried fruits, some sweets, ‘diya’, and a book of mantras you’ll be reciting out loud to seek the blessings of the goddess Lakshmi. 

7. No Firecrackers:

Its already too polluted out here let’s not add more to it. This Diwali meet your relatives, friends, and mates, eat some sweets, prepare a scrummy tray full of snacks and munchies. Dance, eat, capture moments and, and celebrate the festival without polluting the environment its high time you make peace with it, period. There was a time when people used fireworks to ward off the evil spirits little did they realize they were unknowingly shooing the good spirits too. 

8. Let’s Bring Back The Tradition Of Indoor Games:

Find your cards and get some munchies, you don’t want to bore your relatives and friends. Keep your huge phones aside and relish the happy moments while you make them do the amusing dares in your parcel game. 

9. Don’t Forget To Buy Gifts For Your Lovelies:

It’s a custom to exchange gifts, sweets, and memories with your dearies. If you haven’t got anything for them you still have some time step out of your bed and get them something. While you get them their favorite things, try and add a sapling in your gift list. They make a good gift and are always useful for everyone. 

So what are you waiting for? 

Get up and welcome the festival with sweetness, love, laughter and a tinge of aesthetics.