Here Are A Few Things You Must Try In Pushkar Fair!

The Pushkar Camel Fair is a ‘one of a kind’ celebration to glorify the Kartik Purnima festival. It is a unique carnival with the engagement of the ‘ship of the desert’- the camel and other cattles. More than 2 lakh people from different corners of the world visit this artistic fair, that generally focuses on trading camels and cattle, camel races that is the main attraction and a bunch of other cultural presentations and art exhibits. 

Once you enter the land where it is exhibited you’ll breathe through the pages of the history book – huge arid desert fields bordered with people in vibrant clothes and turbans, camel and other cattle all around as far as your eyes can reach. It’s nothing less than a magnificent scenery of colorful artefacts, illustrations, embellishment and beautiful saddles. That’s the setting of the world’s largest fair held at Pushkar at a distance of approximately 10 km from Ajmer, Rajasthan in sea of and the edge of the That Desert. 

Things To Do In Pushkar Fair

Here are a few things you can do in Pushkar fair that’ll amaze you and your loved ones.

1. Camel Safari

It is an exciting and the most popular feature of the Pushkar Fair; the tourists must experience a camel ride around the fairgrounds which is a cherishable experience amidst the sand dunes, vibrant products,  and desert terrain. Even the view of the dunes during the time of dusk and dawn is just mesmerizing. While at Pushkar fair camel riding is the most recommended activities one can partake to witness a great extravaganza. 

2. Camping 

Camping at the Pushkar fair is something really unlikely than a regular camping place. Here it’s a whole different experience of spacious luxury tents that are well-equipped with all the essential amenities. Even the butler services are there to avail. Tent cities are the main spot where there is a huge line-of tents to pick from, the serene desert setting after the dawn under the full moonlight sky is a perfect romantic time and is worth your money.

3. Hot Air Balloon Ride

If you are at the Pushkar fair you just can’t afford to miss the view from a bird’s eye. Hop on the giant hot air balloon and relish the beautiful view of the carnival from a different perspective. But this isn’t the activity for the heart patients, but is a thrilling experience that offers unmatchable panoramic views of the fair and the sand sea.

Apart from these activities you may also try quad biking, horse safari and enjoy the scenic beauty of the golden ground.