Motivation? Here is abundance of it… For all those who seek vision before stepping for THEIR OWN CHOICE.

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An explorer, a globetrotter, nature lover, great hiker, keen observer, enthusiast, Electronics and communication engineer, script writer, stunning photographer, fitness admirer, social worker!

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Yes all this in one person and this super human resides in the streets of rajapark only. Seeks an unending quest of improving his surroundings ultimately makes him an amazing global shaper.

How and when? 

Dropped as an engineer at the age of 24 took the course of scriptwriting, worked with Epic channel for approximately two years wrote innumerable scripts, also wrote  corporate films for ‘Danone Foods’.  Has been an associate dialogue writer at daily soaps in Jaipur. Now inclined towards all this with a bonding for social work, fitness, quenching to dig more about the insights of nature and trekking and love for cycling runs in his blood.

Picture of his first trek which made him realise that he is a true hiker.
His love for photography and cycling
Travelled whole Jaipur through cycling

Being a great photographer has grabbed him amazing opportunities.

Here are few of his shots…

Amber fort Jaipur
Click from Smritivan Jaipur
Admiring nature
View from Jal Mahal Palace

Refer to his instagram page at  and enjoy some extremely beautiful clicks he has captured.You’ll be astonished to see his photography skills and his enthusiasm towards making jaipur a better city.

Currently he has been offered to share his photos to Burhan ghati, himachal and whole of his trek will be Sponsored by Indiahikes. Isn’t it cool ?

Started an initiative to clean Nahargadh worked with Jaipur Nagar Nigam, Global Shapers and many cyclists.

Clean Nahargadh campaign which was highly appreciated by Jaipur Nagar Nigam and also the Clean India Mission.

Adores pink city for its lust, beauty, forts, roads, less distances as compared to other cities and is also a great place to chill out with your cronies.

Invites the residents of pinkcity to join hands with him as he also collaborated with global shapers a hub to improve the surroundings. He and his team has planned to plant nearly two lac trees till the coming 15th august.
Its an initiative for all the social workers to join hands with this perplexing person who loves pinkcity whole heartily and would do each and every possible thing to be counted as a developed city.

Let’s all join him in is initiative of making the pinkcity equally a green city and plant as many trees as we could.

To be a member of global shapers you all can contact him at his email address i.e and also it is mandatory for you all to check his insta page as well.

Let’s do this Jaipur!

Let’s plant!

Let’s do this Jaipur!

Because We should and most importantly WE CAN.

Also be like him, live your life according to you and not according to everyone.! Do little for society and you never know how society will get back to you for what you did.

Stay motivated people!

World needs it.