History of Jaipur Rulers

History of Jaipur Rulers

Raja Bhav singh [1614 – 1621]

Raja Bhav Singh [1614 – 1621] was the King of Amber. He was born on 10 September 1576
[Asaj Sudi 2 Vikram Samvat 1633]
Education privately.

Raja Bhav singh
Raja Bhav singh [1614-1621]

Raja Mansingh had 12 Sons and Bhav Singh was the 3rd Son.

According to Hindu custom, the elder son should become the King after the death of his Father.
Due to favouritism, Mughal Emperor Jahangir appointed Bhavsingh as the next King of Amber and gave the title of “Mirza Raja”.

Maha Singh, the son of Jagat Singh the elder son of Raja Mansingh who died early during his Father reign got The Jangir of Mandu and increased the Mansabdar till 3000 zat and 3000 sawar and appointed to Deccan by Emperor Jahangir where he died in 1617 AD.

In 1620s, The Nizamshah of Ahmednagar, Vazir Ambar Malik rose in rebellion against the Mughal in Deccan. Emperor Jahangir sent Raja Bhav Singh to crush the revolt in 1621.
He died in December 1621 due to over drinking Alcohol in Barar, Balapur.
He was brave but not good in politics as like his father and grandfather in Mughal court. He have patronize to the number of poets and writers in his Durbar.
All the above dates are based on Hindu Calendar.

Hindu calender was start during the reign of King Vikramaditya of Ujjain in 57 B.C

Article By : Haribabu Godi

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