Howstel: House of Wanderers – Amazing Place To Stay in Jaipur during JLF

Planning to visit Jaipur for a trip or making your way to celebrate words with Jaipur Literature Festival 2018! Then, there might be so many things running on your mind like food, travel, accommodation, and various other facilities that you might need while being in the Pink City.

And, to support your requirement of stay, you can book your convenience with Howstel. A perfect place for the wanderlust souls wrapped in a handful of local flavours, a bagful of experiences, an ounce of adventures, slice of madness, and a bucketful of happiness.

But, Howstel is not just limited to it, the place has more to explore within.

Howstel, House for Wanderers

House for Wanderers

This house for travellers was formed with a strong motive to spur and enhance the essence of backpacking and travel trips. With the prime objective to bestow a sheltered, sterile and strategically located affordable stay, Howstel is a place where globetrotters can come together and share their life experiences while having a wonderful time under one roof.

The place is crafted by keeping in mind that travellers can treasure unique, exclusive, and zealous insights within their property. And, when it’s about travellers or backpackers living in a hostel, 60% percent agrees that meeting new people and seeing new cultures accomplished the core concern of a great trip.

That’s why along with the concept of travelling, Howstel also promotes and encourages the community meetups, start-up events, micro-entrepreneurship by providing a common place for like-minded people to walk in together to discuss, enjoy, relish and make the best use out of the time spent here.

The Howstel, House for Wanderers

Inside The Howstel

Within the charisma of Howstel, you can ignite your social travel experiences by rendering impeccable arrangements of music zone, poker, meetup place for every artist, movie screening, community talks and a lot more that are simple to explore but difficult to imagine. The ambience and system here propels people to create new connections and pushes the adrenaline of excitements and thrill. Every day is a celebration in this accommodation with the set of people who love to live the life with a new and unseen perspective.

Howstel, House for Wanderers

Apart from the arena, they offer unparalleled luxury rooms of varying sizes and nominal prices to meet all type of requirements that you might strive to achieve by staying here. The most peculiar thing that you can notice is the rooms are named after the famous and beautiful palaces of Jaipur to give a blend of city vibes in the historic royalty.

For brewing up a memorable journey, they also ascertain numerous facilities like Free Wi-Fi, 24*7 Check-In, Hot & Cold Shower, Laundry service inclusive of Linen, Free Library, Pick-up service, Personal lockers, Free Parking, and Fully Air-Conditioned area for a comfortable and lively stay.

Hostels in Jaipur

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If you believe in the psychology of “Everyday is a Celebration”, this is definitely a place meant for you. Living with a notion of finding your tribe or stumbling upon some interesting and precious gems along the way, Howstel is something worth to accommodate.

So Fellas, are you thinking to travel Jaipur just for a vacation or heading your plans with Jaipur Literature Festival this time but in an affordable way, here’s an option that you can make a choice. With no time left, the celebration of literature is going to start from 24th January to 29th January. And, to avoid the last minute issue, you can check availability for the stay to attend and enjoy to the fullest at an economical cost starting from 400INR.

For more information, you can surf online at, or you can also connect with them directly on call +91 7877 357 921

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