ingeNUity’17- “The Rocambolesque Fest” – NIIT University, Neemrana

NIIT University, Neemrana, an oasis of learning nestled amongst the ancient Aravalli hills is home to positivity, brilliance, and incredibility, all of which is being personified in this edition of ingeNUity’17 – The Rocambolesque Fest, the annual techno-cultural fest of NU! With the belief in the concept of seamlessness and it is forever the university’s endeavor to excel across all horizons. This pursuit of excellence has allowed ingeNUityto become one of the fastest-growing youth fests in and around Delhi-NCR and Jaipur region, having hosted big names like Nucleya, Candice Redding, Superfuzz, NDS and Blue(Sunburn Campus), VIP and many more, in our nascent years itself. This year's going to be no different. ingeNUity’17 promises to be a ride that speeds on the wheels of colour, fuels on dreams and designs. Its spirit rushes through the streets of every imagination. It dances on every laugh and chuckle. It defines who we are.

We are everything, and yet we are nothing.
We are what humankind has done to lead to what we are right now and what we
will make of our coming days.
We are a combination and yet we are disintegrated.
We are the best of all worlds, the ancient, now and the distant future.
Because we are

The fest will be a continuous 72 hour journey starting from 3 rd March 2017 with a performance from “Recreating Nirvana”, and the hottest DJ duo, Nina and Malika will set fire to the stage on 4 th March 2017 and finish off with a hilarious performance from the funniest guy in the country, Zakir Khan.

With prizes worth 10 lakhs over 30+ events and food from all around the world, this fest is promising and you can avail the passes at


Everything You Should Know about ingeNUity’17- “The Rocambolesque Fest”

1. The theme Rocambolesque is a superlative for everything positive and an amalgamation of all the incredible, brilliant and amazing things in the world!

2. The fest is a 72 hour continuous journey beginning from 3 rd March 2017 and ending on the morning of 6 th March 2017, with 30+ events and prizes worth 10 lakh rupees!!

3. “Recreating Nirvana” will start off the fest with a bang by headlining and continuing the tradition of Battle of Bands which has hosted great bands like Superfuzz, Ved, The Limited Edition.

4. Nina and Malika, the hottest DJ duo in the country will set the stage on fire with their groovy music on 4 th March 2017 after a fantastic Fashion show from the collections of W for Women.

5. The last day ends with a show from the funniest guy in the nation, Zakir Khan!

6. We bring to you the chance to zoom away on Hoverboards, eat your fill at the Hogathon, tackle your friends in the Sumo Wrestling rings and other many exciting activities with our informal events.

7. Let’s not forget about the most important part of a fest, that’s right, THE FOOD. Food ranging from Kebabs to Kulfis, pizzas to burgers and shakes and a lot lot more.

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