It’s festival time ! Jaipur celebrated Janmashtami with utter Vibrance.

Credits : Manav Singhi 

It was this beautiful crunchy sound of drums , a melodious flute and joy of people which added colours to the already gracious and cheerful vibes of  this beautiful day. With the melodious sounds of flute and bass of drums, Janmashtami festival brought the air of cheer and happiness in Rajasthan.  Krishna Janmashtami is celebrated with great enthusiasm and fervor in Jaipur and the epicenter for these celebrations is the popular Temple of Govind Devji in City Palace premises.

Credits : Manav Singhi

Not only the temple of Govind Dev Ji but also various other temples of town. They are much decorated with love, enthusiasm, colours , cheerfulness, astonishment and buckets of energy

For the celebrations of Janmashtami i.e on Monday September 3rd 2018, the magnificently adorned idols of Radha Govind ji were placed in a specially decorated swing and the temple is exploding with colors and energy.

Thousands of worshipers will now multitude the temple and celebrate the festival with an outpouring of ecstatic music, dance and poetry in both classical and common languages amid the tranquil sounds of temple bells. Also many children made tiny temples with sand just to portray love and devotion for Lord krishnaa. Girls danced and dressed up in beautiful lehengas and ghagras.

Overall the festival was mesmerising and it spread the colours of positivity and vibrance all over the Pinkcity.