Jaigarh Fort History and Mystery

jaigarh fort history

Jaipur, the Pink city was established in 1727 – 1728,  when we look at its history, creation and ingredients that played a giant role in development of Jaipur, then you must visit Jaigarh fort, yes Jaigarh fort itself is an answer to all such questions.

jaigarh fort history

Jaigarh Fort History

Jaigarh fort in Jaipur was source of providing minerals in nearby areas in olden times, Royal king Sawai jai singh used to keep his precious treasury in tanks, that are situated at Jaigarh. Yes, there are four tanks in the fort that had importance at that time, these tanks store water for drinking and domestic purpose now etc.

Using water tanks for domestic and drinking purpose were innovations of king, but keeping precious treasuries and weapons won from war was a mystery, and this mystery still exists, because all these treasuries were used by our king to built the Jaipur city in 1728.

In 1971, water from these tanks was cleared to find out the treasures and precious weapons by government, but the result was not as expected, they failed to find the treasury as these tanks are empty since 1971.

Above article is revealing the mystery that our kings were so kind, that they used their precious treasury to built this beautiful city.

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