Jaipur – A Page From Past



Historical pictures of Jaipur


Jaipur also known as Pink City, Capital of Rajputana (now known as Rajasthan) was an imagination of a Great King Sawai Jai Singh (Ruler of Amer) .

Jaipur was discovered in Estd. 1727. Ruler King Of Amer decided to expand his capital Amer in a city named as Jaipur. So, he made a society with 8 gates (ajmeri gate, sanganeri gate) to give a security touch up to his city. He made 8 buildings in the city, 6 of them he gave to his “praja” and 2 he kept to manage his kingdom.

The security concept given by Jai Singh were very creative. He gave concept of “PARKOTAS”, Designed Wall At The Top Of Aravali Hills To Keep An Eye On Enemies. These Parkotas covered almost complete Jaipur at that time and gave a nice view of city which was a creative concept.

Chaupars were coverd by tents at that time.

At the time of wars and fights The King used to close all the Eight gates so that nobody can enter the city and harm people. Jaipur was very safe place at that time because Jaipur was limited in those 8 gates which are now known as “Chaar Diwari of Jaipur”!

The view in the picture is of 18th century .

Article By : Harish Satwani