Jaipur – An Education Hub

The position of Rajasthan’s best education hub will always be a tie between Jaipur and Kota. Both the cities contribute the maximum number of institutes among Rajasthan’s most trusted ones.

With this extremity in competition, every city has turned itself into an educational hub. These hubs are capable of providing decent education to your kid at every level. Not just curriculum wise, but these institutes also provide an overall development in the personality.

Hawa Mahal

Here are 6 reasons why Jaipur proofs to be the best choice for education

  1. Jaipur- Capital of the state

Jaipur is the capital of Rajasthan, and henceforward is developed enough to render the best education amid the other cities of the state. Not only Rajasthan, students from all over India comes to Jaipur for higher studies.

2. Full-grown city

Jaipur is well known for the rich culture it holds, but at the same time it is also one of the most advanced cities of India. Other than education, Jaipur also stipulates other facility to hostler students at evenhanded prices.

  1. Several best universities of India

Jaipur is hub for education, can be well apprehended with the various number of universities located in here. Some of the best universities of India like JNU,JECRC and University of Rajasthan are well established in Jaipur.

  1. Best placement colleges and universities are situated in Jaipur

India’s best placement colleges and universities like the NIMS and the University of Rajasthan are situated here. The placement thing entices students more to Jaipur than other education hubs.

  1. One of the beautiful cities of the world

Jaipur is recently voted as the 7th most beautiful city in the world, though it has less to do with being the educational hub, hitherto student cherry-pick Jaipur over other cities, due to this necessary reason also.

  1. Huge deader of hostels !

On the accommodation point of view there are various good and safe hostels for students. Jaipur is a modern city, yet is not cheap. This makes life of students easier and affordable here. Various colleges provide the paramount hostel facility to their students within the campus.

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