Jaipur entrepreneurs took 15 CEOs from across India on a first-of-its-kind trip

Jaipur entrepreneurs

Jaipur entrepreneurs took connections to the next level, four entrepreneurs from Jaipur started enTRIPreneur to curate exclusive trips for entrepreneurs. This was first-of-its-kind initiative where entrepreneurs from different industries and cities are selected to travel together to an offbeat location. The trip was supported by JECRC University.

The team worked upon the idea for 45 days and flagged off their first trip from Delhi to Viraatkhai on June 23, starting the trip with an ice breaking session at Innov8 in Delhi with every traveler gathering there along with few more entrepreneurs from Delhi. This trip was the first of its kind for entrepreneurs wherein 15 entrepreneurs gathered from all over the country and went out for a trip. Not only did they indulge in adventurous activities but they also took part in informal sessions where they shared their experiences and gave their feedbacks about each others’ ideas and businesses.


The first trip went to Viraatkhai, Chakrata which is a secluded place in Uttarakhand. The camp that the whole group stayed at had nothing around them in a 3-km radius. This helped the entrepreneurs get away from the fast paced life that they live every day and rejuvenate amidst the cloudy and serene environment that the mountains had to offer.

Talking about the adventurous activities, many of the entrepreneurs overcame their fears while they trekked or rappelled or slithered down a bridge. All these activities apart from giving the entrepreneurs exhilarating moments also focused on team building and other important aspects relating to their entrepreneurial lives.

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These activities brought the entrepreneurs closer and help them connect in an environment such that these connections are meant to last for a really long time. A lot of these entrepreneurs are collaborating over different projects and are regularly in touch with each other to discuss their ideas and businesses.

The trip saw entrepreneurs as young as 11 years old and as old as 68. Rian Narvekar, son of Rahul Narvekar (Founder, IndianRoots) who also joined us for the trip, had run a crowdfunding campaign for his trip to Barcelona and Mr. Vasant Agrawal, Founder, Ecomax, has been shaping the wine carriage industry from almost last 30 years and has now entered the renewable energy domain, building products for everyday life.

The enTRIPreneur team has already started working on their next trip through which they plan to map the South Indian states. Among their top choices lie places like Coorg, Munnar, the forests of Wayanad and many more. The next trip is set to happen in December and this time some of the travelers will be international entrepreneurs.

To know more enTRIPreneur, check out www.entripreneur.in


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