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Different city, divergent culture and of course food too.
But again, I have something different for you readers.
And I have someone special with me. Without who I couldn’t have at all achieved this.
Well, talking about my city, the ‘Pink city’ aka Jaipur.
And my dear senior showed me around, together we discovered these amazing Jaipur Food Outlets.

Mostly Street food in Jaipur

Locations : Pink city

What’s famous?

When in Jaipur you MUST KNOW 3 things.

1) Why it’s called the ‘Pink City’ ?

2)  What to carry to beat the sun and

3) What to eat, where to eat in Jaipur!


First things first, Jaipur is called the Pink city because of the orangish pinkish brick redish buildings which build the Pink city up.
When you look from FAR FAR away, you see little series of tiny pink houses, hence the term “Pink city”


Beating the heat. It’s very simple

A) Shades
B) Light clothing (Cotton fabric)
C) Sun block lotion ! Loads and loads of it !!! Unless you want the tan.


And finally where and what to EAT in Jaipur?

A) Laxmi Mishthan Bhandar (LMB)

Laxmi Mishthan Bhandar is
Extremely famous for its paneer ghewar. Which is typically a Rajasthani traditional sweet.
Also, you will find diverse sweets to treat you sweet tooth.
Location : 100, Johari Bazaar, Pink City, Jaipur
LMB Jaipur
Laxmi Mishthan Bhandar

Jaipur Food


B) Namkeen Wali Gali

Again, walking down the streets of the pink city you will find loads of namkeen,
staring from aloo bhujia, bikaner bhujia, spicy moong daal etc etc.
Location : Namkeen Wali Gali, Chaura Rasta
Namkeen Wali Gali Jaipur
Namkeen Wali Gali Jaipur


C) Guddu’s Ice Cream

this place is an absolute delight.
Why Famous?
Because they ice cream is home made !
Also they have an ice cream called traffic signal and Guddu’s special.

I had Guddu’s special which I loved.

Location : Guddu’s Ice Cream, Nehru Bazaar, Near Ajmeri Gate, MI Road, Jaipur

Jaipur Food


D) Arabian Knights

with quirky decor and dim lights this place is a MUST go for me.

Even after filling my stomach with loads of food I couldn’t resist the shawarmas here.
Meaty shawarma with the garlic sauce !
Location : Arabian Knights, Ground Floor, Crystal Palm Mall, Sardar Patel Road, Bais Godam, Jaipur
Arabian Knights Jaipur, Jaipur Food


Article and Pictures by Arunima Chatterjee
Arunima Chatterjee
Article by Arunima Chatterjee

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