Jaipur : From My Eyes – Poem on Jaipur

poem on Jaipur

Jaipur city, the hub of peace,
fun is here, always on lease,

Sagar here is a hidden lake,
Must visit here as you wake,

Jantar mantar admires the art,
Royal safari and camel cart,

Galta ji, the home of god,
pure is water, shiva is lord,

kanak vrindavan is beauty from past,
Natural scenario here never last,

Man sagar lake is like bandstand,
one side city and water other hand,

Statue of arjuna looks alluring,
statue of liberty is kind off thing,

Snow world is something wow,
why to go shimla? enjoy it now,

Visit here and enjoy the looks,
WTF for fun and JLF for books,

We have one of Taj mahal’s sample,
complete your wishes and birla temple.

By Harish Satwani

a common writer from local streets of jaipur who loves to write about the beauty of his city.l