Jaipur Hyperlapse 2016 – Day | Night by The Creaticity Studios

Jaipur Hyperlapse

2 Dreamers
12 Stays
35 Days
More than 100 hours of Rendering
220 Days of Post-Processing
47,786 Photographs
1 Incredible Journey

About The Creaticity Studio:

The Creaticity Studio is an independent Digital Production House based in New Delhi, India founded by Mr. Rahul Mahipal who brought together creative brains to give challenge to the Indian Market. Our policy is to offer our Clients an unbiased view of all aspects in production.

For this project Mr. Mahipal & his partner Mr.Girish Jain solely worked from the starting till end. This video is the output of 2 person’s zeal to irk the human brains with their visuals.

The Pink City:

Jaipur, Rajasthan being the “Royal Capital” of India with a lot of heritage, culture, colours & patterns to offer.

Jaipur is the epitome of diversity with So many people,
So many faces(mostly happy), So many flavours, So many designs with an ever-flourishing spirit for life.
It has been the major attraction for tourists from all over the world for its ultimate royal experience.

The Zeal: Since the starting of our career, we were dedicated to create stunning visuals, whether through graphic design, photography or motion graphics. The zeal to capture the grandeur of Jaipur was incepted from a long time, since one of us belongs to Rajasthan. So, we always had the inclination towards doing something for Jaipur. The will to push the boundaries of our medium to reveal locations in an unique & powerful manner was challenging for us. Through the amalgam of hyperlapse photography & mind-bending camera movements, we wanted to unleash the constraints of still & motion.

The Pickle: Before even picking up the camera for first shot, We had to go through the chronicles of getting permissions. For the first 10-12 days of our recce, we had to deal with all the government officials for shooting permissions. It was hectic to explain our motive in front of the officials. There was too much paper-work to go through with different assurances from different officials. Either there were too much charges for shooting permissions (Ranging from INR 10,000 -100,000 per day) or no permit to shoot at all. We juggled through many contacts of ours to get the permissions but all in vain. Although, we were allowed to shoot without any tripods, stands & our motorized timelapse rigs. But at that point, it was a far-fetched dream to even attempt that kind of project without any equipments. At last, we went on board with no permissions & no camera stabilizing equipments.

Venture to Adventure: We started shooting with just our cameras & hands, it was very exhausting at first to execute that kind of shoot. We got tired & achy too frequently from holding the cameras still & moving sometimes even for an hour to achieve the desired output. Locals & tourists were asking constantly about our work-process & why are we shooting like this: one step-one shot. It was very hard to explain the process to them but was exhilarating also to watch their interest. During 360 degree shots, it was very challenging to pause the process to let people pass through frame. Sometimes we had to attempt the same sequence for more than 10 times, just to get it right. Each day passing, we came back with a new learning. We faced great challenges in terms of accommodations, transport & our equipments getting misplaced from the hotel lobbies. But thankfully it was all worth it.

Check the Tech: No matter how ambitious you are with your vision & craft, no matter how far you are pushing your physical & mental limits to achieve something very distant. It all came to an end with the familiarity to the technical aspects. We were using high end cameras already (Nikon D810 & Panasonic Lumix GH4K) for the shots, but the challenge was to organise these enormous amount of data (1500-2000 shots per day). As we were not capable of carrying high-end PCs with us, we had to check & analyse the shoots on our macbooks. It was okay for the organisation purpose, but the big deal was to compile & check the shots. We were shooting almost 8K(resolution) stills & it was impossible to check the clarity & per pixel details after the compilation. So, we took a leap of faith & continued shooting without any compilation measures.

Framing the Pink City:

Jaipur is more than a plethora of beautiful heritage, lip-smacking street food, wonderful hospitality; rather it is a royal affair that you will reminisce your entire lifetime. The main focus of this venture was to capture Jaipur’s heritage as majestically dazzling as it feels in your nerves. We were obliged to surrender ourselves in front of the city’s grandeur. If this video will leave you with a craving to visit Pink City ASAP, then we will “Drop the Camera” for sure.
Gear Up: Although we were carrying a massive amount of tripods & motorized rigs with us, but as I had mentioned earlier we didn’t get to use them.

So, these were the equipments that contributed in this venture:
Cameras: Nikon D810 & Panasonic Lumix GH4K
Lenses: Tamron 15-30 mm & Panasonic 12-35 mm
Softwares: Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, LRTimelapse

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