Jaipur International Airport (Sanganer)

Jaipur International Airport

What’s according to you is the identity of Jaipur? Royal Palaces, Forts, cuisine, people, or its marketplaces!! Well, that’s all are but Pink City is not just limited to ancient monuments, culture, history, and lifestyle. It is filled with varying treasures all around and modernised as well because of its transport infrastructure. And, one thing that signifies this term and maintains its dignity as the capital city of Rajasthan is Jaipur International Airport.

A marvellous commuting facility located in the suburbs of Sanganer is 13km from the city centre. This airport was granted with the international status on 29 December 2005.

And, apart from its location and status, its civil apron can accommodate 14 aircraft and a new terminal that can handle up to 1000 passengers at a time.

According to Airports Council International, in the year 2015, Jaipur International Airport was declared as the World’s Best Airport in the category of 2 – 5 million passengers yearly.

Being as one of the largest airports in Rajasthan, it has improved the level of service and pleasant experience for tourists and people who fly from and fly in more often.

Jaipur Aerial View

Fascinating layout & groundwork

On 1st July 2009, a new domestic terminal building here was inaugurated with an area of 22,950 square meters. Jaipur International Airport houses facilities like:

  1. Central heating system
  2. Central air conditioning
  3. Inclined arrival baggage claim carousels
  4. Escalators
  5. Public address system
  6. Flight information display system
  7. CCTV for surveillance and regular eye on every activity at the airport.
  8. Airport check-in counters with common use terminal equipment (CUTE).
  9. Inline x-ray baggage inspection system linked with the departure conveyor system for the convenience of people.
  10. 24*7 Security and medical service for passengers on board.
  11. Huge car parking and much more.

Jaipur Airport

The international terminal building here has a handling capacity of 500 passengers in a peak hour and annual handling capacity of 400,000 people.

Knocking to its point of design, the entrance gate is made of sandstone and Dholpur stones along with Rajasthani Paintings on the wall to define the majestic touch of the Pink City.

In February 2014, runway expansion work at the airport started and was completed by July 2015 at an estimation of Rs.98 Crore.

Most of all, the extension allows the airport to accommodate wide-body aircraft, which is, of course, a noticeable thing to know of it.

And, cargo service is being provided by Rajasthani small-scale industries, a public sector assured by Government of Rajasthan.