Jaipur youth part of animation team of Oscar-winning Coco.

Source: times of india

It’s a proud moment for the citizens of Jaipur. A 24 year old worked hard and bought the Oscar in the name of our City. How well he must’ve performed that today all his hard work can be seen in his hands.

There is a Jaipur connect to Coco, which recently won the award for the Best Animated Feature at the Oscars. 24-year-old Harsh Agarwal, a resident of Murlipura was part of the animation team which worked for the film. He works for Pixar, Disney as the lead animation artist, from the past six months. Completed his senior secondary from Jayshree Periwal International School, Agarwal grabbed 100% scholarship to pursue his degree in arts from Savannah College of Art and Design, US. After two and half years at Savannah, he moved to Hong Kong City University with his academic credits to complete his graduation.

He worked in the movie Coco as an intern in 2017 left the entire team impressed. “My first movie got the visual arts team the prestigious Oscars. Nothing can beat this moment,” said Harsh to his father Kishore Agarwal.

Source: IMDb

His story is also an example for those students who under the peer pressure or parents’ pressure give away their passion for popular streams. Harsh was confused to live his passion of a career in painting art or to make his career in engineering after class X. He changed his school to International Baccalaureate which gives him the flexibility of pursuing physics, chemistry with visual arts. “He started spending hours painting along with studies. Recognition followed him as he participated in painting exhibitions at inter school competitions, Jawahar Kala Kendra etc,” said elated Kishore.

Recalling the moment which changed his life forever, Kishore said that during a visit of guest from the US in his school was shown his paintings. “They find paintings very exclusive and unusual. They asked him to apply for the scholarship. My son grabbed the opportunity by applying for scholarship in the Savannah College under different categories. If fetch him 95% scholarship finally. The 5% amount was also so high that i cannot afford it and my son wrote to them of my inability. The college authorities wrote back and granted the additional 5% scholarship making his education possible,” said Kishore. Harsh contribution in the movie was of visual effects in rendering, texturing and shedding.

So guys, there’s just one thing we all should dwell upon, we should always choose the medium of our happiness, success will find its way running after us. There’s nothing that can push this youth for wrong decisions. Harsh has given a key to unlock those deepest dreams that every one in today’s youth have.

News Courtesy: The Times Of India.

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