PHED’s tube well plans fails as groundwater level depletes in Jaipur

The plan of Public Health Engineering Department (PHED) to dig up tube wells for meeting the demands caused due to water scarcity during summer has failed, as the groundwater level in most areas in and around Jaipur is very low.

Water Scarcity
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As per the details listed out by authorities, 13 tube wells which were dug recently were completely dry and in around 40 tube wells, water level found was below expectations. This is a piece of shocking news for the department at such serious times when the water level in Bisalpur is 307 MTR, which is deteriorating every day. Due to scarce rainfall last year, there is a drought-like situation in various parts of the state. As per the department, they have sufficient water stored in the dams to survive until August.

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The additional chief engineer of PHED, Devraj Solanki said, “Out of 215 tube wells that we dug recently, higher than expected water was discovered in 161 tube wells. So whichever areas are affected by the dry tube wells, we will fulfill their requirements with the ones where more than required water is found.”

Sources in the department also said that 40 tube wells where the water level was found lower than expected, will dry up within the next six months. Department has already reduced the duration of water supply and there are places where water is being supplied just for 30 minutes and people are forced to order water tankers every three days.

Plans of PHED to provide water are postponed till after summer, as work for new tube wells will be completed by July 20, 2019. PHED had sanctioned around 732 tube wells, out of which 279 new tube wells will be directly connected to the pump houses in the city.