Jaipurites Here Are Some Ways To Deal With Your Mental Health!

Prioritize & deal with your mental Health | Stuck in the middle of a pandemic, many people are suffering, doctors are working in double shifts, the salaries are at stake and we have been sitting at our homes for over a month now. Almost everything is going wrong and differently these days, it is clear that our mental health is in dire straits. Even after living with our dearies most of us are suffering from anxiety, chronic stress, or showing early signs of depression. All this is majorly because we have no outlet to let go of our mental baggage. 

Dealing With Anxiety

Not being able to see your loved ones, friends or even your work mates has opened showers of loneliness. We all are grasping at the straws just to see the tiniest sigh of relief in these difficult times. For all of you who already undergo feelings of loneliness, the lockdown extension and norms of social-distancing has worsened this. But it’s not just you, the ongoing situation has psychological repercussions in many big-small ways. The sense of despair can also be branched with the lack of certainty of the ongoing situation.

Excessive irritation, lack of concentration, incidents of acting out, minimal attention and insomnia are all major indications that you need to pamper your mental health. It’s time you understand that you are not alone in this, the entire world is tackling the same situation and everyone is facing the same storm.

Here Are Some Ways To Look After Your Mental Health

We’ve mustered some ways for you to look after your mental health, so read, absorb and implement.

1. Productivity guilt –

You know how everything has affected our daily routine which inturn has gotten us into a situation where we are (not)-functioning normally. Not reading like we used to, we are not making notes like we used to, not being able to follow a regular schedule like we used to. These small failures can indeed incarcerate most of us inside thick rods of guilt. 

There are days when we are only lazing around the house and not doing anything constructive in particular. We urge you to allow those days to flow, reflect upon them, see what went wrong because each one of us is allowed to have a breather. 

2. Limit your media consumption–

Now there are two ways in which one consumes the media. The first one is, by default social media and the second one is news. While limiting the use of social media and the impacts it holds are quite understood. However the impact of consuming the news is lesser-known. Be it of any kind, print, television, online articles anything, news can really hamper your mental state. Eager to know about the number of deaths, constantly checking the datas, figures, graphs related to virus, how far we are from developing a vaccine or how the disease is dominating the economy.

Things presented in the news can leave you with nothing but a sense of despair about the present scenario. Instead of focusing on the darker sides, we all should adhere to reading the headlines and have a cursory reading of the headliners.

3. Take up a new hobby – 

This one is from a personal experience. Learning something new can really make you feel accomplished at times of guilt due to low productivity. Feeling good about yourself and giving yourself a pat is actually the crux of looking after you mentally. I started cooking during the initial days of quarantine, trust me I am in love with the confined facts of home science.

4. Have a story-telling hour with your fam– 

Believe us this session of exchanging various stories can cure your mental health on so many levels. Have your grandpas and grandmoms recite the first story of their time as a teenager. Listen to how things were and how they used to manage years without a technical device in their hands. Keep the ball rolling while making more room for laughter and awe-ful moments.

5. Organize Your Closet –

We certainly don’t wish to be your mom when we say this but organizing your closet can be equally therapeutic. Clear the hidden junks, discard the old clothes and organize your wardrobe with order. Who knows you’d find that one piece of cloth you have been searching for since forever?

Post suggesting some ways to nourish your mental health, we do acknowledge the fact that human beings have different coping mechanisms and they all are highly personal. No one can really understand the core of the problem by indulging in any activity. As much as the above mentioned activities are recommended, one should not shy away from developing hobbies of their own. And not let this pandemic take control of our roots of anxiety

Don’t Forget To Pay Gratitude 

As we stay inside our homes with the surviving essentials, we must understand that we’re far above than the others to have not seen the worst of this pandemic. So keep paying gratitude for that and to all those souls working hard for our society.