Jaipurites Stay Motivated & Let’s Have A No Negative Lockdown

Stay Motivated |  The count of COVID-19 cases has increased in Jaipur in the past few days. The city has been under the red zone, the times are tough and there is a long period of recovery ahead. One can’t be precise about the amount of time it would take for things to bounce back to the way they were before, but it is certain that it would take even longer for many people to step out of their fears and migrate to a better functioning life. In order to witness a better functioning lifestyle one needs to adapt a Positive mindset.

Adapt A Positive Mindset | A positive approach and a mind eschewing the negativity is the key to get past the tough phase that seems to have it’s claws glued to our lives.

It is quite natural for you to feel the scare and have the scoops of panic. It is even common to feel uneasiness and unsettlement regarding the matters of health. But the need of the hour is to realize that you have to stay calm, positive and vigilant. Put your trust and believe in the authorities and adhere to the requested norms of social distancing, proper hygiene, healthy lifestyle and staying in quarantine.

If you scroll through the walls of social media, you’d notice that the people all over the world are not just sitting idle and waiting for the official order to roam out of the houses whenever. Most of them have been productive in some way or the other, like learning the new recipes, some are indulged in baking, others are learning new courses online, and the rest are using social media as a powerful weapon to boost one’s spirits. People are putting up videos to install encouragement amongst the lethargic aura.

Things You Can Do To Stay Motivated

  •  Read books
  • Hold on to quotes 
  • Take up a new hobby 
  • Try your hands in baking or cooking
  • Dedicate an hour of your day for any kind of physical workout 
  • Meditate for several minutes 
  • Spread joy by putting funny videos 
  • Try karaoke at home 
  • Share positive thoughts 

But the most of all, bound your time to read up about COVID-19 from various news sources, this will definitely reduce the levels of anxiety and shall help you focus on things that are for your betterment. Remember, this phase too shall pass and all that will remain would be your experiences and ability to get past it and go on with your lives.

Be happy, stay calm, highly motivated and adhere to the rules the governing authorities have established for our own safer and finer future.