Jaipur’s famous Chaiwala (Gulab Ji chai wale)

Chai is the thing that Indians literally can’t live without. And the people of Jaipur can go miles just to take that one sip of a heavenly cup of tea. They can even get up early in the morning for this. One of the famous spots for having a chai in Jaipur is “Gulab Ji Chai wale”. The spot you will love to go after your early morning ride to Nahargarh. It is a place you have surely visited at least once or you must have heard about it from your parents that they used to go there when they were in college or in school.

Story of Gulab Ji chai wale

Many decades ago, a son from a Rajput family Mr. Gulab Singh Ji Dhirawat wanted to start a tea stall. But, being a Rajput son everyone in the family opposed it, as this was considered a low-profile work. He didn’t listen and started his journey with 130 Rs. in his pocket and set up a tea stall. Now, his very same Rajput family thinks that his hot cups of tea are the coolest thing that Jaipur can boast about!

Gulab Ji died at the age of 95

After his demise, his grandson, Chetan Singh and other members of the family run the stall. He is a post-graduate from Rajasthan University and takes pride in being known as a tea-seller.

Gulab Ji’s kindness

He is so kind-hearted that he even serves, over 200 cups of chai daily, free of cost to those who don’t have money to pay. Soon, his tea stall got attention and started making money.

Even today, Chetan Singh carried that legacy and still serves free tea and bun to around 250 beggars as per dada Ji’s wishes.

Gulab Ji chai wale Cafe

The first tea stall was opened at MI road, Jaipur. After his demise, his grandson, Chetan Singh and other members of the family run the stall. Later, they opened a cafe which is so beautiful, where you can feel like you are sitting in the lap of our mother nature. It is surrounded by nature it has 2 floors which is so spacious, but it was jam-packed everytime. It is a place where you can go with your friends and family, their bun maska and cup of chai are their bestsellers. 

It’s an admirable fact that Gulab Ji Chai Wala in Jaipur has clientele that includes the high and mighty of Bollywood, but what’s even more admirable is that Gulab Ji’s cups of tea and bun maska are free for those who are penniless.

Today there are three outlets of Gulab Singh Ji, and the biggest and most modern one is located 2 km away at Collectorate Circle developed by Chetan Singh. Former CM Vasundhara Raje Scindia, almost every other politician in the state has had tea at  Gulab Ji’s, including Former CM Bhairon Singh Shekhawat and present CM Ashok Gehlot. Sunny Sebastian, senior journalist remembers visiting Gulab Singh Ji’s stall in groups.