JAL SWAVLAMBAN YOJANA ! A possibile way to meet our water needs.

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Rajasthan Government has now initiated a way to brush our torments and sorrows by starting the Jal Swavlamban Yojana which would bring out the best use of water accumulated from various resources locally.
The government will launch Jal Swavlamban Yojana, a self-reliance water scheme next month, at an estimated budget of Rs. 1500 crore.

A budget of Rs. 1500 crore has been sanctioned for the scheme with full support and cooperation from all sectors, including the corporates, would be sought to ensure its successful implementation.

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1. Making villages self-sufficient in water & creating “Islands of Excellence” spreading happiness and satisfaction all over the place.

2. It is a four year program, each phase of one year.

3. Launched across 295 Blocks of 33 districts.

4. People’s participation is must as the scheme is started with a motive of satisfying every individual hence people’s participation is the crucial and the most foremost thing needed.

5. Mobilizing financial resources from multiple sources like- Line Departments, NGOs,Corporate houses, Religious Trusts,Nonresident villagers, Social groups etc.

6. Use of technology is very much required and needed because obviously we all are living in the twenty first century where not even a single task of delivering a thing is done with the help of  the and this is such a huge Yojana so yes technology is must.

7. Construction of low cost water harvesting structures on water shed approach has also started

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– Emergence of selfwater reliant villages.

– Increase in groundwater level, availability of surface flow in the main stream of watershed and availability of drinkingwater.

– Increase area for irrigation, cultivation and crop production.

-Bring out a Change in the cropping pattern.

– Reduction in suspended sediments in flowing Water of main streams and reduction in depletion of ground water.

This is the whole scenario of the Jal Swavlamban Yojana initiated for the betterment of our lifestyles specially for the backward areas where schemes like these seeks accomplishment since a long time.

Let’s all join in and contribute to the Yojana because it’s for all of us and a better way to donate is always to help by your own potential.

Come on Jaipur let’s move out from the dingy and dark cells where the supply of water is almost nill.

Support and cooperate with the government for our betterment and we all will stay healthy.