JKK is hosting a Garden Bazar !

We all are polluting our surroundings some way or the other. Whether by opening an industry or by driving a vehicle. Aren’t we ?

It’s time for us to improvise the ruth aura we have created for ourself because of foolishly polluting our atmosphere. Least we all can do is try to create a better place for all our dearies and obviously for yourself.

Let us all start by planting more trees and plants. Also we can start by following the 3R of Reuse , Recycle and Reduce the production or usage of many harmful proudcts such as plastics.

But one step at a time guys, we should start with planting and beautifying our places .

Jaipur has many outlets where you can find varieties of plants , seeds , manures and other accessories related to gardening.

Jawahar Kala Kendra is hosting a garden bazar ,go on hunt for these beautiful floras .

Kitchen garden association is organising garden bazar . It has already been two days since the garden bazar has started and the place is fully crowded. 

They are offering all types of Plants, seedlings, miniatures , garden toys , pottery , Ceramic Trays , Manure and tools etc .

All these are available for sale here at Jawahar Kala Kendra. Come , visit and buy these beautiful lush green plants at this garden bazar. Where distinguishing varieties of plants are available .

For further details please contact : 9413332108 , 8949636430 , 9602930976, 7725911206 .

Timings :  11 Am to 9 PM. 

Have fun ornamenting your lovely gardens with the different varieties of plants and don’t forget to improvise the surroundings.